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Sunday afternoon.

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Dateline Ensenada, Baja, Mexico.

Just a thought I'd like to share with you all.

Chimay the matriarch is asleep in the living room.
Bebita has recently discovered that a DSL modem makes an excellent pillow, and that's where she is right now.
Chilmole is behind the house, looking for ways to keep himself busy and useful.
Yeyé is spread out on the porch, taking in an unusually cool July breeze.

And I'm here, in front of the computer, listening to early seventies Elton John, Nick Drake and John Coltrane. An integral member of a tribe of cats, I'm asking myself if I could possibly feel any happier and more peaceful right now. Ain't life grand, slow and easy, when you've got cats to share it with.
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The cats sure do add a dimension of peacefulness to life. Of course living in Baja sounds kinda heavenly anyhow....
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