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New signature...

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Hey all.. what do you think of my new siggy? Took me a LOOONG time to make.

I have a problem though... it's over the size limit... anyone know how to compact it or something so that it's within the limit?

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Looks great Cassie!
I think jcat resizes siggys. PM her and ask.
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Really cool! But I can't offhand think of a way to really condense it though. You have to do each frame of the animation to equal up to less of your cumulative total ... and that'd lose a lot of detail. IOW, if you've got six frames, each frame can only have 5000kb max if they're all the same size. Because what you've actually got is six separate pix that have to load into the same space. You might want to do a google on gif animation tutorials. That might get you some tips. I've done animations, but not many.

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Okay, I see you've got 15 frames on this. Maybe you could try halving your animation and then optimizing it? It's either that or reducing the physical size of it overall I think.

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It is way over the limit Cassie- ask for help in the thread in Announcements and Feedbacks- all sigs this size would automatically be deleted- but since you have so much artwork involved- save it somewhere else, so if it does get deleted you will have back-up

Please note to all members, please check your signature sizes and make sure they adhere to the new guidelines- otherwise, they will be deleted
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Okay.. I'll put my old siggy on until I can fix this one.. thanks all!
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There we go... I got it fixed... that is okay, isn't it? I sure do hope so.
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BTW, Cindy... your signature is AWESOME!
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That's cute!! I really didn't put much work into my signature. I just figured I want the Guns N Roses Logo in it plus my cat, so I just took the pic of my cat on my bed out lol, then I went into "Picture It" and put the text in lol.
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...sooo precious Dear Cassie!!! ..
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Looks great

RoseHawke I love yours too
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Sorry Cassie, it can only be 30KB yours is over
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See ya got it Cass!

Thanks for the kudos on my (current) sig. I'm pretty much addicted to making "jewelry" with PSP and what better way to show it off ?

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I love yours soooooooo much Cindy!
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Test: my Photobucket account lists this as 30KB: Under "Properties ", I get 30,459. Any suggestions? For some reason, I can't save it and change the size.
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I would suspect it's rounding it down. Since it's under 30,500, it lists it as 30kb.

BUT, edited to add, that a kb is not EXACTLY 1000 bytes. I think it's actually 1024 or some such. Soooo, you can be under 30kb, but still be over 30,000 bytes. Maybe that's what it's picking up on. For instance, when I check it in properties, it's telling me that it's 29kb.

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I'll fix it in a minute. I'll just have to lower the quality more.
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Originally Posted by CJandBilly
I'll fix it in a minute. I'll just have to lower the quality more.
I'm still getting a reading of 30,459.
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I'm working on it... sorry, my program's flaking out..... I'll get it done ASAP.
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My computer properties says it's under 30 KB... it says:

29.7 KB (30,459 bytes)

I don't get it... is it good, or not?
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Okay, so now it's showing 30045.... but when I saved it, it was 29,713 under the internet preview, and photobucket shows it as 29 KB... since it's .045 KB over, is this okay?
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It is showing as 29.34 KB for me
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Thanks, Sam!
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You did it! ...
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I'm getting a reading of 30,045, but surely that's negligible?
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It really depends on if you're talking about kilobytes, or actually bytes as a kilobyte is actually 1024 bytes, not a round 1000. Therefore something can be 30kb, but actually be 30720 bytes. Although in that case it seems that most of the properties software will round it up to call it 31kb.

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