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New Munchkins from Maine

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Well, here's my new addition. She is adjusting just fine. She is a fireball for sure!! This is her playing away.

Mouse N Cats Mayhem of Sandkats
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This is Mayhem looking at the picture of her brother that Rene e mailed me
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Rene is keeping Mayhem's brother

Mouse N Cats BoJangles of Little Paws
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What an adorable little kitten!
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AAAAAWWWWW! How precious!
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Awwwww, Sandie, how cute! :angel2:
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Finally got her home huh? Awwwww You decided on a name I see! I love it. Great choice She's adorable...give her a kitty snuggle for me too!

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Thanks guys, she really is cute. Of course I don't think I have ever seen a cat or kitten that wasn't.
Mayhem was decided because she's a real fireball. She was scared the first evening but after that, it was all over. She is going to be one of "those" cats. If she is not napping she is zooming from one side of the room to another. She climbs onto your back and starts batting and eating your hair. She nuzzles your face and then nibbles your chin. Last night, she ran into the back of Ken's desk and then came running to me and meowing as if she were telling on the desk. She has decided that napping on my lap while on the computer is her favorite spot, so I am thrilled. I have a funny feeling she is going to be the center of some very funny cat stories as she grows
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Sandie - she sounds as cute as she looks in her pics. I love the one of her looking at her brother! Too sweet!
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absolutely precious!
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I really do want a Munchkin, but when you tell me that you name your kittens Chaos, and Mayhem......suddenly I have second thoughts! :tounge2: Cute kitty!
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I love that look on her face when she is sitting in the bed. It looks like she was about to say something but decided not to instead. Sort of a Mona Lisa look.

Too cute!
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LOL Hissy, of course you do know the other Munchkins are Sammy, Ariel, Purrty Girl and Rhiann. Kaos is a good boy but Mahyem is earning her name
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Gimmie, gimmie gimmie! I want one now! She is beautiful & hopeful she won't cause as much mayhem as her name suggests.
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How precious! I just love the picture of her at the computer screen! That is just beyond cute.
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Oh my gosh, she is beautiful!!!!! I love her spots!!!!!
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