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Favorite cities?

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For all of you who like to live in large cities... which cities have you lived in / visited? Which ones did you like??

I love big cities but I only know a few. Hopefully in the next years, I will be able to travel / move to different cities.

The ones I know so far:

- Montreal
I was born and raised near Montreal but I didn't really know the city until I went to University. It's a great city, I really love it. I was born in the whole French Canadian culture but for purely personal reasons, I feel no attachment to that culture. I still love Montreal because it's very multicultural. Plus it's a pretty cheap place to live.
I will be moving to Montreal again very soon!!

- Toronto
Never lived there but I visited quite a few times. It's nice. I could live there quite happily (except that apartments in Toronto cost a fortune!) but I'm not especially drawn to it.

- Ottawa
Only visited a few times. I have friends who live there and they find it quite boring. And rent is very expensive.

- Boston
I went there on vacation a few months ago. I was only there for a few days but I totally fell in love with the city. Everyone I met (and asked for directions) was really friendly. It also seemed fairly "relaxed" and easy-going. Yet it's big enough to have everything you would want. Plus lots of parks, trees and beautiful architecture! I would love to live there some day.

- New York
Also went there for vacation. It's also a nice city. Fun to visit but more stressful than Boston. I don't think I'd want to live there. Unless I could afford to live in a nice neighborhood near Central Park maybe (I'm guessing that would cost a fortune!)

- Washington
Visited a few years ago. I didn't see much of the city. All I remember was the subway stations which I found really depressing. They were really dark, no color anywhere and they all looked the same. It didn't leave a good impression.

That's it for now.
I really need to do more travelling.
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I am not a city person. I don't mind living outside of a city, but not in it. I feel more comfortable in smaller cities.

I live 10 minutes from Providence, Rhode Island and used to work there. They aer doing a fantastic job of reviltalizing the city.

I live 1 hour from Boston - Love Boston! Wow, I am surprised that people were friendly! we aren't known for that around here

I've been to Portland Maine and that is fantastic!

I've been to Halifax Nova Scotia and loved it as well as Quebec City.

We recently went to Ireland. I liked Cork and Galway better than Waterford. We didn't make it to Dublin.
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Born and raised a city girl but honestly I liked living in the country better and will be back real soon, lol

I grew up in and live in the Mpls/St Paul area

I like it because it is a big city, but you dont feel as cramped and pushed out as in some cities..

Like...the other big big one i have been too

New York..

Great place to visit put personally i dontr want to live there
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I am biased because I am from NYC , I agree it is hard to live there and very, very expensive. I now live near New Orleans, La and can't wait to get out. The city is a party town, so if that is your thing you may like it. I don't like the dirt, the animal cruelty and every hurricane season having to wait to see if one comes our way. I have been to Houston and loved it. I would move there if my husband could get a job there. I have heard good things about Dallas also. A friend of mine has moved up to Minnesota and loves it. I wish I could be of more help.
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I love San Antonio where I live. I've visited these places and love them:
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Born and lived in London untill i was 6
Lived in Rome untill i was 10
Lived in Melbourne australia untill i was 15
Lived in Frankfurt Germany untill i was 18
I now live in Witten, its a small town and it irritates me because i cant find and need what i want from stores, but appart from that its nice because its got alot of green, although i miss the high buildings.

Places ive visited ill start off with australia
Adelaide is really boring, no way would i move there.
Brisbane is more party and sunny place i would love to live there!

In europe:
Vienna in Austria, is pretty but not my thing
Copenhagen in Denmark, i love denmark, i would move there any day.. the people are so friendly..
same goes for sweden.

Estonia was really pretty but i couldnt move there, the country is still too poor.
St petersburg russia... it was okayish. Food was horrible, language is hard, and people never smile.
Paris France, i was there a long long time ago but i like france the language is beautiful and the food that lingers in the air is lovely!

Havent visited america yet or canada but will one day!

We are considering of moving to england, but we dont know yet.
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I haven't been to many cities. I live in Toronto, and I've also been to Quebec City, Edmonton, Calgary and St. Louis, that's all. I LOVE Toronto, I was not raised here, I moved here when I was 19 for university because I'd always wanted to live here (I only applied to universities here because I was so intent on living here!), and I love it, I never want to leave, really (would consider NYC). I also thought Quebec City was beautiful, though I wouldn't want to live there just because it's French-speaking and I wouldn't want to have to live in a city where English wasn't the first language (spent six weeks in Quebec and it was SO exhausting always communicating in a language that's not my first, I couldn't live like that forever). Edmonton, Calgary and St. Louis did nothing for me. I'd really like to visit more cities - particularly NYC and pretty much any city in Europe.
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You couldn't PAY me to live in a big city. If you gave me a fabulous place to live, all the food of my choice, the clothse, etc. I still wouldn't be able to. You'd deffinatley have to give me a driver. Nope, I'm not a city girl at all. I do like some of the architecture of Philly but I really havn't been to any others enough to give an oppinion. I tend to just drive or perferrably ride by Philly as fast as I can on my way to NY. (Upstate obviously) I've just never been into the traffic. I'm no farm girl either, but I do prefer some grass, tall trees, etc. I can't even stand rush hour in the little town I live in! Someday I do hope to visit Rome, so I guess I'm gonna have to get used to being in a city for a bit. Just as long as I don't have to drive!
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I haven't been to many real big places, but the places I've been I loved!

Denver CO: BEAUTIFUL view of the mountains from the city. Way-cool.

Gatlinburg TN: Mountains, again... downhome country charm, pancakes, friendly faces and the beautiful Smokies.

New Orleans LA: Cajun cuisine, loud-mouthed fun people, and the French Quarter. I'm going back this coming Sunday, I cannot wait!!!

Grosse Pointe MI: I was born here and it's a beautiful place to visit... on Lake St. Clair. Ritzy, pretty area.

Cincinnati OH: I have to throw in my home city. In the Summertime there's loads of German-themed festivals & outdoor bands abound, and in the wintertime there's tons of places with lights & Christmassy type festivals.
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Hands down, no contest...

My favorites are:

Gatlinburg/Pigeon Forge, TN


San Antonio, Texas

I loooooove both of those areas!
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I love big cities. Some I would love to live in, some are great for visiting.

I lived in Toronto during high school, and loved it then. I don't think I would like to live there as much now, it's too "self consciously" grand - sort of gives the impression of trying too hard. But it's a great place to visit, and I always recommend that foreigners spend time there.

Loved visiting Montreal as well, its a fabulous city. I would probably consider living there, given a chance. I think that the setting, with the river and the "mountain" are fabulous. Same with Vancouver, you get a huge variety of scenery all within the city.

Loved loved loved New York, and London. New York has the impression of being a very arrogant city - they don't even think about people outside their borders. And when I got there, I realized it was because they don't have to - fabulous city. And I found the people extremely friendly. I had people stop to help me with directions on the subway and everything.

I found London to be different than I expected as well. People told me that it was fast paced, expensive, and dirty. I thought it was an exceptionally clean city, I have never seen so many people cleaning the streets and sidewalks. And very very friendly and helpful people there too. I also found it very affordable, I ate meals at pubs and little hole in the wall restaurants, and ate very well for less money than here. I think this just means that Toronto is a very very expensive city, because London was pretty reasonable. I have also never seen a city with more flowers, in office and store windows, at the flower stalls, in the tube stations. Very very pretty city.

I lived outside Boston for a year, and would go live in Boston in a flash. I loved finding all sorts of interesting arts and crafts, and the fascinating districts that keep their historical flavour.

I also loved Chicago, for the night life. Great music, but it didn't seem so overwhelming as New York.
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I'm a small-to-medium-city person myself, but if I had to live in a large city, it would definitely be Barcelona. Let me count the ways:

- The catalan people are open, friendly and beautiful in an exotic, medieval sort of way, with modern haircuts. Get on the subway and you will stare at twenty gorgeous faces at any one time.
- The city is as safe, crime-free, as any large city could possibly be. There is virtually no poverty, Barcelona probably has the largest middle class of any large city in the world.
- Barcelona may be the most prosperous large city in the world right now, and most of the spoils get invested in culture, education and science. Barcelona is in the cutting edge in exactly how to do things right, and you can virtually smell it in the air.
- One of the great pleasures in life is to go to the Rabal islamic neighbourhood on a Sunday afternoon, enter one of the pastry establishments, and have a baklava with a cup of infusion tea made from fresh leaves, over a lively conversation with good friends.
- My favourite restaurant in the whole wide world, Cal Pep, is in the Born district of Barcelona.
- The nightlife in Barcelona is unbelievable.
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i live about 20 mins south of the "twin cities" (minneapolis and st. paul)
and i have to say i would much rather live in minneapolis then st. paul. Minneapolis is a grid pattern where st paul seems cramped and scattered.
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Florida has quite a few medium sized and big cities. Where I've been in Florida:

- Orlando: Have lived here for 4 years. The traffic can be miserable, and it's too far away from the beach for my liking, but it has MANY beautiful areas. Orlando has quite a bit of natural beauty, including countless lakes, that people would never think of. It's also a great place if you're looking for things to do. There's so much to do here, whether you have money or not, that it's great for activity. The dining here is also wonderful! I wouldn't settle down here for good, but it's definitely an enjoyable city.

- Miami: Beautiful views and always something interesting to look at. The prices for a small, crappy meal were unbelievable though! Of course I loved the beach and enjoyed Ocean Drive, but I couldn't live there. Traffic is much worse than Orlando and the prices were just outrageous. Very pretty though.

- Jacksonville: It's far too spread out for me. They've been expanding as far as things to do, but everything is spread all over the place so it's a pain to get from one thing to another. I guess my official stance on Jacksonville is "it's ok."

- Tampa: Great aquarium, zoo, port, and things to do...but I'm not a fan of Gulf beaches. They're too salty and too boring (i.e. no waves). I don't enjoy Downtown Tampa, but other parts are very pretty.

- Tallahassee: Wasn't there for long enough to say too much about it. There were some very pretty parts that I did see however and I definitely enjoyed myself there.

Other places:
- NYC: I loved it there! There's no way I could EVER live there, but it's definitely an amazing city. Everything was completely awe inspiring there and I had such a great time.

- Washington D.C.: The sights in D.C. are, of course, very interesting and my trip there was quite memorable. I'm not a fan of cold climates so I couldn't live there, not to mention the traffic! Great place to spend a week in though!

- Dallas: Ugh. Hated it. Sorry to anyone who's from there. I just did not get a good first impression, and we all know how hard those are to change. The atmosphere there was just not for me.

I think that's it for me!
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I'm not a city person, either. In fact, I'm hoping to get out of Toronto REAL soon. You know... great place to visit, but wouldn't want to live there.

So, as far as being a tourist, I would say New York City can't be beat. There is far too much to experience there in one week's time! I also like Quebec City for the historical quality... a beautiful city. I would love to visit Jerusalem, perhaps if the political unrest subsides, which is unlikely in the next few years.

My favourite place in the world... the Canadian Rockies.
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I grew up halfway between Baltimore, Maryland and Washington D.C. Washington is great with its monuments and museums, but I'd much rather live in Baltimore. In many ways, Baltimore is a small city (especially compared to New York or Chicago). There are many great neighborhoods with different personalities and you're only an hour away from the mountains in Western Maryland.

Now, I live outside Cleveland, Ohio. It reminds me a lot of Baltimore, with funky neighborhoods in the city and the country only an hour or less away.

I also really like Houston, Texas. I was there last year for business and got a chance to tour the area around the city. From what I hear downtown Houston is rather congested but there were many neighborhoods that reminded me of the East Coast, especially around the local universities. If I ever win the lottery I'd seriously consider moving to Houston.
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hmmm.... big cities?

My favorite large city is Atlanta. I loved Dallas.

One of my all time faves - Charleston, SC
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NYC- I just love it there! I've been going there (Manhatten) for over twenty years now and have seen many things the city has to offer. I've been to quite a few Broadway Shows, Radio City Music Hall, Lincoln Center, The Empire State Building, Rockefeller Center, you name it I've proably been there! I was just there last week and I will tell you the city is so much cleaner and safer than it was when I first started going there. I don't think I would want to live there though, of course I don't have the money it takes to live there either.

Philadelphia- I wasn't too impressed here, it's just okay to me. There are certainly some nice features to the city, but not my favorite place to be.

Washington D.C.- It was so long ago since I went there I don't remember it that well, I think I enjoyed it there though and would enjoy going there again.

I would love to go to Boston, I'm sure I would love it there with all the old historical buildings and the weather would be just perfect for me.
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In currently live in SW Ontario Canada and I love just about every small town here. (not to into the big cities...more of a country girl ).

For work I've had to do lots of travelling through both Canada and the US. Some of my favourite cities have been:

Springfield, Illinois (alot like home!)
Cheyenne, Wyoming (had a nice lunch)
Salt Lake city, Utah (love the mountains)
Lakeland, Florida (I love "sun n'fun"
Boston!! ...what else can I say!
Charleston, West Virgina (I love the hills and trees)

I'm sure I'll be visiting more places in my travels and will move to add to the list!
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I haven't been anywhere to be able to say I love a big city But I do want to go to New Zealand so maybe there is a big city there I will fall inlove with
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I've traveled at bit and these are my impressions:

BOSTON: The best Big city-nice and compact forwalking,so full of history. I know that it is an expensive area to live.

LAS VEGAS: My parents lived there for a few years and will winter there.
Good shopping, but too hot and dry.

CHICAGO: People drive like maniacs there but the closest big city to me. Really spread out.

SAN FRANCISCO: Another city that you can walk all over the place. Golden Gate park and the Haight-Ashbury district were kind of grungy. The Wharf-too touristy but Chinatown was cool to visit.

London: I could spend weeks there and still not see everything. Great city.

PARIS: I thought the people in Chicago drove bad-this place takes the cake!!
Another city I could spend alot of time in.

BRUSSELS: Cool city, lots of history (and chocolate) Want to visit again.

AMSTERDAM: While the buildings and all the bikes are cool too many drugs and the red light district would want me to go back again.

A good smaller town is MADISON WISCONSIN. State Street and the campus are cool.
The city has a good atmosphere.
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I live in Los Angeles, which is a BIG city. I do prefer cities to the country.

My favourite Cites aside from my own city, Los Angeles are: New York City (My dream is to move there, one day), Toronto, Tampa Fl, London (I'd love to move to London, also), and Aspen (although I don't think it's that big of a city)
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I've not really been to many cities, aminly because I avoid them like the plague! I hate London - too busy, too dirty, too many people, too noisy, too much pollution...and really, who on earth needs to be able to get a pizza at 3am anyway?? The thought of New York scares me silly!

My ideal lifestyle would be a cabin in the forest with the nearest neighbour about at least 15 minutes away! Or, and this is for the english people here, Emmerdale I want to be Edna Birch when I grow up!
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