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Missing Cat!

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If anyone can help, share stories, advice or anything, it would be appreciated –*my cat got let out last night by accident –*she is an indoor cat so does not know the area at all, I've looked in nearby nooks and crannies, walked through back lanes and the park shouting her name, put up notices in the local shops, posted about 20 handwritten flyers through doors scattered here and there and spoken to people to let them know.

Is there anything else I can do? I feel as though I should be out non-stop with a fine tooth comb but I just don't know where to begin! My girlfriend is away for the weekend and I haven't told her and she's told me how she's looking forward to seeing Meg again! I wish I could tell her just so we could share how we feel about it – I tell other people and they're not too bothered "it'll turn up" etc... but I also know that said girlfriend isn't going to be too happy about her getting out the house, it was definitely my fault....

I plan to ring the vets and shelters tomorrow and visit more shops (it's Sunday so there's nothing much open) and also ring the local newspaper. I need to create proper posters to stick up and get more flyers printed this time though.

IF ANYBODY LIVES IN SOUTH SHIELDS, UK, MEG has been lost from the Mowbray Road area since Sat 10 July – my email address which is gavindowney@blueyonder.com

Also if anyone could do me a favour and spread the word as much as they can I would over the moon. I am very, very upset that's she's gone and I know my girlfriend is going to be absolutely devastated...

anyone else had their cat go astray?????
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Shorthair, looks like a Russian Blue –*yellow-green eyes, 1.5 yrs old, friendly but timid, and so very very unfortunately, NO COLLAR!!!!!!!
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www.lost-pets.org was set up to help guide you through the process of recovering.

I took the liberty of removing your phone number. Not a good idea to leave that out in the open like this- people can get in touch with you via email or PM. Good luck finding your cat- many of them are found inside the home, not outside, so be sure that you search everywhere inside and out-
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Be sure to leave food out for her, in case she is nearby. And do walk around calling her, or rattling a favorite toy. I sure hope you find your kitty!
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Have you found your kitty yet? It's been 5 days since your post, I'm wondering if you have any news...
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Oh, yes, it does happen! And they can come back a couple of weeks later, so don't give up hope. I currently have a rescue that was obviously an indoor-cat who somehow wound up outside - the vet says that she was on her own for a very long time, so if your dear little Meg doesn't show up soon, let's pray that she finds someone kind & generous to help her out. Cats have a way of knowing who to turn to! Please keep us posted - we do care very much!!
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For the second time in one week, my eldest cat has knocked out a screen from a window downstairs and freed himself. This second time, just a few hours ago, he freed himself and 3 others. 1 is still missing, but we're hoping we find here soon and safe. She's not that adventurous and she's a little piggy for food so, we're shaking a jar of tums (sounds like their treat bottle), and putting out tuna. We've found 2 cats we didn't have before, but not our lil cala.

Hopefully whoever started this thread found their cat again. Keep at it.
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