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Feeding frenzy

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It always cracks me up when I fill up the feral cat food bins. Went shopping this morning and bought the regular 20 pound bag. I have to transfer the bag into sealed bins or the inside cats chew thru the bags and help themselves. Junk food, go figure.

Pinky loves this ritual. This morning, he jumps on top of the bins and rests his paws on the bag waiting patiently for me to open them. Obviously he notices that the picture of the cat on the bag looks like him so assumes he has first rites.

A few minutes later, I hear the distinctive "rip, tear, crunch, crunch" sound of Pinky tearing open the bag and eating. Obviously he was impatient with me.

So I open up the bag and the cats come running. I pour the food into the bins and leave them open for a few minutes. The vultures start circling....

Of course the dogs like to get in on the fun, but are polite enough to sit on the side when I calmly explain to them that this is kitty food, not doggie food. I love that they are finally old enough to understand English.

Just another feeding frenzy at the momofmany household!

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Wonderful pictures of your ferals. Nice doggies too.
My gosh ... Pinky is a big boy. He is really handsome.
Your home looks like it is filled with love.
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Great pics..Those are your ferals??? They seem awfully calm about things.
They must be your cats, right. The ferals are outside? If not how did you get them co calm?
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That is awesome, I love the pics..
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Yes, the ferals live outside, but all of the cats except for the 2 grey ones were born feral. I socialized them young. Tigger (the brown tabby in the last picture) is the most fearful in the house and I rarely get a picture of him. The others just love life.

Everyone who sees Pinky is amazed by his size. He actually weighs less than the red/white cat in the last 2 pictures. Pinky is very thick boned, the biggest paws of any cat in the house, with a huge fluffy coat and weighs about 14 pounds. Tigger, the scared brown tabby is my largest at 18 pounds.

Thanks - I love my gang!
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