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I'm new... and so is my kitten!

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Hi all,

I don't know if anybody read my entry about Dusty in "crossing the bridge," but he was the first kitten I've had in years. After he died, there was an emptiness inside of me for him, and I decided to get another cat. I think I was actually looking for a replacement for Dusty, but in any case I am glad that I adopted again.

So here I am with my new baby girl, Callie! She is a lovely calico kitten, about 8 weeks old. Her calico patches are more sparse around her front, and intense as the fur gets closer to her tail, and her cute little face looks like calico paint was splashed on it! But she loves to play and cuddle and purr. She purrs all the time! She's very rambunctious and curious about the world around her... and she's NOT afraid of water! The first night I had her, she jumped into the bathtub with me when I was shaving my can you believe that?

I'm happy to have my girl and I just wanted to come introduce us! I have a digital camera, but I swear that a virus ate my kodak software because it hasn't worked right in about a month and I can't get any pictures to upload anymore. Working on it though, and I'll post a picture as soon as I can.
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Welcome to TCS. If you need to find a low cost spay clinic for when your girl is old enough to be can go to the link below and select your will bring up a list of low cost clinics in your state:

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Welcome to TCS. I did read your sad entry about Dusty, and as I read, I thought "She needs another cat!" I'm glad you have Callie. She will never replace Dusty, of course, but once you have the sweetness of a cat's love, it is hard to go without it!

It will be fun to listen to the stories about Callie as she grows up!
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I have the disk you need want me to email you the software???
(kodak photo disk)
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Hi and welcome to TCS. I can't wait to see a picture.
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welcome to TCS. i hope to see some pictures of your baby soon!
Love ~Jamie & Zeus
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Hi and welcome!
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Thanks everyone for your welcoming words. Sydbear20, I sent you a pm. I look forward to sharing stories with everyone and to hearing about everyone elses' cats!
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Welcome & hello I am donna proudly owned by the incredible trio
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Hi and welcome to TCS!!!!!

See you on the forums!!!
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Hi and welcome. Can't wait to see a picture of little Callie. She sounds adorable!
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Hi and welcome to TCS! I'm glad you found a playful, cuddly, purring kitten to help you ease the grief of losing Dusty. I can't wait to see some Callie pics!
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Hello and welcome!!!!

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hi and welcome! I can't wait to see pics! I love calicos!
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a bit belated but...

Welcome to TCS

I have read your post about Dusty in the bridge forum - it was a very touching tribute to him

Dusty will be so happy that you have adopted a new little girl to look after and I am so looking forward to getting to know you both!!

welcome again from me & my boys
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