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Cat who steals pillow!

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My feral Bob has a habit of climbing up on my pillow, licking me and biting my hair. This happens around 3:30am. I had kept him out of the bedroom before Freckles arrived, and now that's the problem. Freckles isn't a problem at night, but if I kick him out as well he meows at the bedroom door. If I put Bob in the living room and keep Freckles in, he (Freckles) meows. If I let both of them come and go as they please, Bob becomes the pillow hog. Anyone else ever had this problem?
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Crystal and Winnie are pillow hogs! I usually wake up with a cat on my head!
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Yupp not new to pillow stealing here. Ashley has to sleep on a pillow on the bed at night. If she doesn't get her own pillow she'll try to sleep right on your head!
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I got tired of Fred stealing my pillow, so I put one behind mine, and scooted all the way down to the end of the bed. It works out pretty well until one of the others wants to sleep there. Then I have a cat fight on my head.
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My beloved Babe who passed away May 2nd, also used to steel my pillow, I didn't mind it though.
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Yup my cats steal my pillow so i got them their own lol but when one is on it the other sleep like on top of me with her butt in my face lol
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What beautiful felines those 4 are good job on your care of them
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I love these stories of our furbabies doing these silly things, Now if I could only convince Max he can have my pillow then he would stay off my head
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