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My fiance and I rescued a little kitten from a lady at work who had found him on the road next to some other dead kittens. He was sooo tiny and sweet... gray and fuzzy with a few tiger stripes around his face and neck. The lady that found him named him "Lucky" because he was lucky to be alive... when we brought him home, James and I affectionately called him "Roadkill" because of his circumstance... but then we changed it to a more dignified "Dusty" because he was gray and silver and white, and looked like he was covered in dust.

Dusty would meow and cry like crazy the first few days we had him. It was so pitiful how he would stick his paws and his nose under the crack of our bedroom door at night because he wanted to be in there with us so much. But he quickly adjusted, and our couch became his bed, his resting place, his home. He would come sit on our shoes and look up at us when we did the dishes in the kitchen. We were amazed at how quickly Dusty learned to use the litterbox, and how wonderfully he appeared to be thriving. It was really cute how he would even follow us into the bathroom when we were getting ready, and just wait on a towel on the floor and stare at us until we were finished. I took Dusty to the vet for his kitty shots and fecal tests, because I saw a worm drop from him when he jumped onto the computer keyboard one evening. The vet just couldn't believe how GOOD he was... How sweet he was... and how funny it was that he sat on my shoulder like a parrot.

Dusty was a needy and dependent boy, though... He cried and cried when he wasn't sitting on my lap, and when he finally crawled on he would just sit there and be good. He NEEDED affection like I've never seen a cat need before. The first bath we gave him was rather torturous, because he was scared and completely covered in fleas, but the second one proved to be much better. I bought him a brush and some of the good Science Diet cat food, and that's about the time we noticed something was wrong.

By the end of the second week, our new kitty was becoming increasingly lethargic and void of energy. I noticed that he was eating less and less, and that all he ever wanted to do was sit on the ground, balled up, close to something that might provide him with heat. Usually the fridge vents. James and I thought that we should get him some syringes and force feed him cat formula, since he was still so young, but before we could do anything he took a turn for the worst. Wednesday night after we fed him, he balled up next to the fridge vent again, and when we left the room he just stayed there. I returned to pick poor Dusty up, and his eyes looked bad. I began to think that he might be dehydrated at that point, because he kept licking his lips and it sounded like he really needed some fluids. I picked him up and set him down on my lap as I searched google for "cat loss of appetite and lethargy." He was practically sagging at that point, and couldn't keep his head up. I set him down on the floor to see if he could walk, and he took a few wobbly steps before balling up again. I picked him up and brought him to the couch next to James, and we knew then that our boy was dying. It was happening so fast and without explanation, that even if we had taken him to the vet there wouldn't have been time to change anything. Dusty's face took on an expression of emptiness during his last moments, and his limbs lost their warmth. He cried a few times, and we just stroked him and tried to comfort him as best as we could.

I feel SO bad that we didn't take him to the vet when all of this started. Even sInce he died, I've been coming home from school and work still expecting to see my "sweet little ball of dust" greet me at the door. He was only with us for two short weeks, and I am astonished to how quickly I grew attached to the little guy. He was the most loving cat with the way he would nuzzle my face with his moist little nose and look into my eyes as if to say "thank you for bringing me home, I love you." Strangely enough, I haven't been able to cry about it... I just feel a profound sadness whenever I think about him and what happened to him and how much I miss him.

It's so crazy how things can come into our lives that enrich us so, and then disappear without a trace. I wish I could reach into Dusty's realm and give him one last hug, and tell him thank you for all the joy he brought into my life.
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So sorry to hear of Dusty's passing. Hind sight is always 20/20 and you could beat yourself up over all the "I should haves"....sounds to me like you gave this little guy all the love and care that you had to give!, and that's a wonderful thing. Here's hoping that all the prayers and kind words of others will help to ease your pain.

....Rest in peace Dusty
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I know it's s hard to loose one, But you Loved him and he knew that, you did what you could and that's all anyone could ask, My thoughts and prayers are with you, and I'm sure little dusty is Healthy and Happy with all those other babies at Rainbow Bridge.
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I'm sorry you lost little Dusty. It is very sad when the babies never get a chance at a full life. I hope time eases your pain!
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I'm so sorry for your loss of little Dusty. You did your best. Mother Nature simply had other plans. Most likely his fate was cast before you ever got him, and you did the best possible thing -- for the short while he was on this Earth, he knew nothing but your care and love. Nothing is more important than that.
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nothing I can say will help take any of the pain away - I wish I could take some away, but think of it this way - Dusty had 2 wonderful weeks of love - he knew he was loved and adored and he left this earth that way - in the arms of the 2 people that loved him

You were his angel on earth and now he will wait patiently at the rainbow bridge, chasing the butterflies and be your angel from above

RIP Dusty
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Poor you, but please dont beat yourself up - thanks to you he had 2 weeks of love, attention and care, which was more than his siblings got. He had such a bad start, there may not have been anything you could do.
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I'm so sorry to hear about the loss of your sweet little guy. It's amazing how quickly these beautiful creatures can capture our hearts. I hope you can find comfort in knowing that because of you, Dusty knew he was loved. Take care.
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I'm sorry about the lost of your sweet kitty, Dusty.
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My heart goes with you.. today I´ll make a special prayer for the lovely dusty........RIP sweet angel...
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Godspeed, Little Dusty! I am so glad that when he cried to be held, your lap was made available to him. Likely, his need for extra affection was because he didn't feel well (just like a human baby). Unfortunately, it sounds like his fate was an unhappy one, and had you taken him to the vet sooner, he would have best been served by PTS. I know, I have lost kittens to distemper, and after all the treatments, and vet bills & their own suffering (which matters the most), the kittens passed on anyway. But now, Dusty is on the other side of RB, in excellent company with all the other TCS cats, happily enjoying his reward and waiting there until the day comes that he will be part of yours. You are in my prayers & thoughts! Susan
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so sorry to hear! RIP sweet Dusty! Hugs to you
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Thanks to you Dusty had a wonderful home and love for 2 weeks. RIP little Dusty.
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