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A Question? Help!

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I have a kitten about a year old named Firenze. She is a Calico, and has lived in the same house for a year with two dogs Ramsey and Emily. She has never shown any aggression to them except for play fighting. Which tends to be spirited. The other night I hear her scream like someone was hurting her. So I run out of the room and she seems fine. So she goes in the kitchen. And Ramsey follows her and she screams again and begins hissing and swiping at Ramsey. So I call the vet and make an appointment to have her checked out. In the interim waiting to see the vet I brought her to a friends house where there are no animals and she was fine. I brought her to the ver and everything was fine we make the appointment to get her spayed. I bring her home and she is good for about two hours. And then it happens again. Screaming and Hissing. What could have happened? She is usually such a gentle cat.
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By chance, has she recently been outside unsupervised?
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Calicos do have attitudes sometimes- it is possible one of your dogs hurt her, and now she is just warning him off so it won't happen again. They tend to hurt cats if not closely supervised and they don't always do this intentionally-
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