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OMG, so freaked out right now.

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Dunno if anyone is awake right now - I guess some of you are probably in different time zones - but I'm so freaked out right now - it's 4:22 AM here - about half an hour ago, I was woken up by my phone ringing, and the caller ID said it was someone in the lobby (my apartment buzzer is hooked into the phone) I said 'hello' about 10 times, and there was nothing, just breathing - the person did not hang up, either, they were finally cut off after I think 30 seconds (it automatically cuts out after that long). I've had people wrongly buzz me before, but they usually say sorry, they were looking for someone else, and then hang up, not just breathing until they're cut off. So then this happend two more times! By the third time I was totally freaking out, and I called the police, who are on there way over. Of course now I'm so freaked that I can't go back to sleep (plus I have to wait for the police anyway). It hasn't happened again yet, so maybe it was just someone playing a prank or something, or maybe they tried again when I was calling the police and got a busy signal and guessed I was calling someone, so hopefully whoever it was is gone (or even more hopefully, they're still lingering and the police catch them ), but I am so scared now (I live alone). Ahhh.
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ohno Kylie - I hope the police get there real soon. I am sure its just someone playing a stupid prank no wonder your freaking out. Go and grab the nearest kitty and give them a big big BIG hug to help calm you down - stay near your phone and please please let us know what happens... thinking of you stay safe my friend!
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Sweetie take a big deep breath!!!!

I am as sure as I can be that it is some dumb kid pulling a prank on you I have had the same thing happen late on weekend nights! You were smart to call the police, and if nothing that will scare this loser away!

Does your building have security cameras in the lobby? Mine does and I never knew until I asked out of curiousity.

Don't worry I am up, and will be for a while. Try to stay calm, please keep me updated ok?
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I hope the police get to you soon!

It might be worth asking, as Ash said, to check if they have security cameras - they might have seen the person!

In the meanwhile, try to relax with a kitty or two! I'm up, as it's morning here!
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how worrying for you.its 9-45 am here in england, has the police called to u yet??
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Do you have any friends you could call to come over?
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Thank you everyone! It was very nice to read your comforting comments when I was freaking out, I so appreciate it!

Well the police came, and they did not find anyone (I kinda suspected that, since it hadn't happened again in like half an hour). They also think that it was just somebody playing a prank, which I think was probably likely too, but still, it was freaky and I wanted to be on the safe side. So I feel a bit better now that the police have been here and had a look around, so I think I will hopefully be able to go back to sleep now. GREAT idea about the security cam, I didn't even think of that, I have no idea if we have one or not, but I am definitely going to call the super tomorrow (well, later today, I guess) and find out!

Thank you again, you guys are the best!
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Try to sleep again! Take a kitty or 2 or 4 to bed and know that we are all thinking of you

Please let me know if you have cameras, if not maybe your super will consider it ( make sure you tell him/her about this!)

Night Kylie
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I'm pleased that you feel more at ease now! Yes, go to bed with your kitties and have a good rest!

See you soon!
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I know how scary it can seem I have to live alone right now. Im canadian and my boyfriend is American so we can't live together until all the paperwork is approved. This takes MUCH longer then most think That's actually how i got dean-o Anyway I've had people phone me like that aside from seeing them do it or maybe caught on camera thereis not much that you can do. However if there is a buzzer system that means he/she can't get in so repeat that to yourself and *grab a kittty*
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since when do appartments have lobbies?
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My buildging has a lobby Fwan. I know of a lot of apt bldgs here in the states with them.
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odd, it must be only over there that have lobbies
Because i thought only hotels had lobbies?

Actually why do you have lobbies over there?
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For this very reason - provides an extra measure of security. If you want to meet someone, but don't want to invite them to your home, you can meet them in the lobby of your building. (and then you don't have to wait on a streetcorner either!) I could be wrong, but I imagine if the building has a lobby, they also have a front desk or a doorman to keep an eye on who comes and goes in the area. If I were still living alone in a city setting, I'd opt for such an apt.

Usually it's larger apartment complexes that have them, ones with dozens of apartments.
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My building has a lobby, but no front desk or all night security. Actually, there are a lot of buildings in the US, that don't have lobbies. There are buildings where the entrance to each individual apartment is from the outside. It's usually older buildings that have lobbies. I know in my buildings lobby, it isn't large enough for anyone to linger and chat. It's where all of the mailboxes are, and it's also where people who live on upper floors can catch the elevator or lift.
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It's also in an apartment building, like one would find in a city, as opposed to an apartment complex, where each apartment opens to the outside. My grandmother used to live in a building that had the old intercom and security door. Tenants had to 'buzz in' visitors, too.
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Can you get a dog? Even a small dog that yaps has the potential of scaring away unwanted visitors.
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Thanks again, guys. I've called my super and left a message for him (probably he's not working today since it's Sunday), so we'll see what he says.

Lots of buildings here have lobbies. Some don't (for example if you live above a store, or your apartment opens directly to outside, then you won't), but lots do - maybe because there are lots of older buildings here, since someone said it is an old building thing (my building was built in the '30s). The outside doors open into the lobby, which has rows of mailboxes, the buzzer system, and some chairs and a table, in case, like someone here said, you want to meet someone down in the lobby instead of having them come upstairs to your apartment. The door from the lobby into the apartment hallways is kept locked, so no one who doesn't live in the buildings can get into the hallways, unless buzzed in. I think it's a security thing (even better if there are security staff at a desk in the lobby, which some buildings have, my building doesn't have this, though).
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Originally Posted by hissy
Can you get a dog? Even a small dog that yaps has the potential of scaring away unwanted visitors.
I wish! I'd love a small dog, both for security and for companionship, but if you remember my thread over in the behaviour forum at all, my apartment is fairly small and one of my kitties is already feeling cramped, so I don't want to make it worse for him by adding a dog.
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i've never seen an apartment WITHOUT a lobby!
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well the appartment i live in and in frankfurt the mail boxes are outside (every mail box ive seen has been outside where the door is)
then where the door is there is an intercom and you need to push the button and i will answer and press the buss to let the person in.
Problem is, because there are only 6 appartments in my complex, and 4 out of 6 are related the main door is always open.
So ive had people coming right upto my door.

there isnt such thing as a lobby unless you call the outside part the lobby?
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