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Does mother have milk?

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I have a himalayan mother who has already lost 3 of her kittens. I talked to a vet and did quite a bit of research. We figured that the problem may be g strep. We have medicated the mother and the baby. So far so good. She is now 11 days old and seems to be doing pretty well.

My mother doesn't stay with the kitten for very long periods of time. I figured that maybe it was due to the fact that they were all dying. Well now I'm not sure if she is producing milk. Before I could just gently squeeze her nipple and milk would come. Now I can't get anything. I do have a supplement given to me by a vet. I just don't know how much to feed the kitten.

Is there a sure way of knowing if she is producing milk?

I appreciate all the help.

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When she does stay in with the kitten, how long is she in there and does the kitten fall asleep while nursing? How often does she go in to nurse the baby over the course of the day?
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www.kitten-rescue.com will guide you as to how to feed the little one and how much. But does the baby seem satisfied at the nipple? Is the kitten crying, rooting around, and restless while nursing? It isn't always feasible that humans can draw milk out of a lactating mom- sometimes you can and sometimes you just can't- but that doesn't mean the mom isn't producing so the actions of the kittens is what tells you if the mom is satisfying them or not.
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The kitten seems very restless at the nipples. She goes from one to the next and miews in between. The mom stays for about 5 mins and then goes away for hours at a time. Sometimes she stays for longer periods but everyday she stays away more and more. I don't want to overfeed the kitten...just don't know what to do.
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OK, do this for me ... take a look at the kitten's belly. Tell me how it looks? Is the skin stretched tightly across a plump little belly or is is wrinkled and flat?
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Kitten sseems to be doing okay...

stomach is large but hard...

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