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Need some "Get Well" vibes

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Hi, I need some get well vibes for my husband - he collapsed yesterday and was rushed to hospital. The doctors think that he has a blood clot on his lungs probably resulting from the hernia operation he had a fortnight ago. He is feeling better today - but I'm still worried - he really scared me yesterday when he collapsed. He will in hospital for a few days so I won't be here quite as much - probably just very early in the morning my time.

Please keep him in you thoughts. Thanks everyone
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Get well vibes being sent...please send us an update when you can.
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Yikes!! sorry about that... Get well hubby vibes are on its way from me and the kids. I will keep your hubby in my thoughts and prayers in hopes that he gets better.
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Oh dear, how scary! So sorry you're both going through this. I'm absolutely praying for your husband. Please do keep us updated!
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Thanks for the thoughts - I'm about to go up to the hospital to see him - I'll check back later and let you know how he is going.
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i am sending vibees )))((( i hope he is doing well and makes a quick and full recovery
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Scary times!! I hope he recovers quickly and well. Meanwhile, lotsa vibes and prayers coming your way.
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Your husband is most definitly in my thoughts!
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Jean I'm thinking of your husband and you both. My hopes and prayers go out to you for his speedy recovery. Howard
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Sending good vibes!
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Reilly and I are sending good vibes your way! Hope everything turns out well.
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Lots of vibes heading his way!
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Sending vibes your way - hope that he recovers quickly!
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Lots of get well vibes heading your way!!!!!!!!!!
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Your husband is in my thoughts!
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