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1/1/02 Daily thread

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Ok - that is if any of you are up and awake enought to post today!

Welcome to 2002! How many checks will we all have to write out before that one becomes normal? I usually waste about 10 or so!

Sure is quiet around here this morning! I must say that I celebrated with a good old bloody mary and then whisked myself and the cats off to bed. They all wondered what mom was doing up soooo late!

Have a good day......and be quiet if you need to!
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Mornin' Debra!

Happy `02!

Seems even on my days off, I can't sleep in (ugh!)

Kits have already been up and at each other, the littel bas...I mean, the little loves!

Have a terrific day, a peaceful New Year and...

Best Wishes to All for success with your resolutions!

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Bill - sleep in? What's that? The cats do not seem to know that we get a day off once in a while. Happy New Year to you too Bill!
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Happy 2002 to everyone here at TCS

We rang in the new year pretty quitly. We went to bed, and put the TV on to watch the ball drop in Times Square. My husband has to work today, so we really had to get to sleep early!! Poor guy, had to be up and out by 7 am!

I am heading to my parents house today w/ my kids to have a family dinner, and do a bit of relaxing after such a hectic holiday season. My husband is working all day, but then is off till Saturday! I am so excited to have him home. He is in retail and obviously the Christmas season is pretty busy for him. He only had 4 days off the entire month of Dec. He deserves a good vacation now!

Hope everyone's new year's eve was happy, healthy and safe!
Enjoy this peaceful New Year's Day.
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Striker and Sassy celebrated New Year's Eve with a little catnip and some Sip Milk (woohoo!) Now, Striker has disappeared, but Sass is busy batting a used Scotch tape roll around the house, among other things! She's also found several balls that she's decided are great fun to bounce down the stairs (bonk, bonk, bonk, etc.) As I type, she's carrying the ball back up the steps just to drop it.

No morning after for her!

Beers and hard lemonade were the beverage of choice for us last eve. Bedtime came about 1:30 (EST). Light, fluffy flurries in the air now...a good day to be peaceful!

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I had a nice quite New Year's Eve last night too. Like almost everyone else, I have today off, and I'm going to spend it getting a few things done around the house.
Did anyone notice the full moon last night? It was really beautiful, and I could still see it up until 7:45 a.m. this morning.
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I had a nice welcome into the New Year with my furbabies :laughing2 We played and watched movies...I got to bed sooooo late, but you're right, when it's breakfast time they have no mercy!

Time Square was incredible last nite! I wish I could've projected myself there! What a visual! Whew! Hope everyone's New Year was a safe one! Blessing's to all!

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Hey Cat.
If you projected yourself there with your super powers, what would have happened to all the crowd?

Oh I know. You would have blinked at them and then........
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Last night, I crashed at 10:00 didn't hear fireworks or horns or guns, just went to sleep to the sounds of MIke snoring....

This morning he is still sleeping at 8:30, and I am sitting on the heating pad, because once again the mud won the fight out in the pasture, pulled me off-balance, toppled me over on my shoulder and made me look like I was doing black-face comedy for my horse! So, tomorrow, I am calling the gravel yard and having a load of gravel delivered so I can make a path from the haybarn to the stall. Mike doesn't want to put any rock on our land, but since he doesn't go out there to feed, he can lump it. I am tired of fighting all that mud!

Today is just a day to unwind, and Mike and I usually get together and discuss our goals for the New Year, and renew our marriage contract verbally as our anniversary will be here soon! (16 years!) Then he will complain because I want to watch football, and he wants to see the Baywatch Marathon, so we'll just see how it goes. Happy New Years to all!
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Happy New Year, everyone!

I woke up this morning to a nice 1 1/2" blanket of new snow outside. I just love days like this! It makes everything look so pretty and clean (even the neighbor's yard that's usually covered with toys and junk... )

Unfortunately, the sound that woke me up in the first place was the dog throwing up the pork chop bone she dug out of the trash last night.

Hissy ~ I know what you mean about wanting to watch football, but having to fight for the TV! There are a couple of games I want to watch, but my signifigant other hates football! So... maybe he can play his PS2 or something! (That's what I'm going to suggest he do, anyway!)
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Happy New Year to all!!!!

It is cold down here in south Louisiana this morning with rain mixed with sleet. UCK And they are predicting snow this evening and over night. Just a few inches but very rare here. Think its been about 12 years since we had that around this part of the state.

:foot: is visiting his Mom at the hospital right now so nobody to talk to.

I think that since all the company has left that a nice, long, and well deserved nap is in order.

Later, Meme
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HAPPY NEW YEAR To everyone at TCS !! I didn't get up until after 10:00 ! Boy, were my babies upset ! I'll pay for that for a few days ! LOL I wish we had some snow to go with this cold snap ! First thng I saw when I went to my keyboard was the Kliban Holiday Cat on the screen saver that Joe (my Secret Santa) sent. (along with a Kliban Mouse Pad ! I love 'em, Joe. They make me smile every morning. When I went to get my e-mail there was a Hallmark e-card from my good friends Joe, Michaela, and Tonya !

We stayed home last nite and watched movies. The Princess Diaries was very cute ! Dr. Dolittle 2 was NOT as good as the first one ! Today I have to finish cleaning up the kitchen and may start to take down some decorations. Funny how everyone wants to help put them up, but everyone always has "other plans" when asked to come help pack them away. . . .

I hope 2002 brings everyone everything they wished for and more than anything else that we are all healthy and happy. Love 'ya, TLK
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I'd give you big "Happy New Year" but it's already the middle of the afternoon for me, so the year ain't so new no more.

I guess it's traditional to eat some black-eyed peas on New Year's Day for luck, but it won't happen around here. I like 'em well enough (I was a vegatarian in college so beans are no problem for me) but nobody else here would eat them. Nothing like cooking food the rest of the family won't touch!

We had a quiet night last night. Hubby told the kid she could stay up until the New Year, then suggested to me that we let her watch the ball drop live in Times Square at 11:00 and just tell her it was New Year's. I thought, how nice it will be for us to have some time alone together, but right after he put her to bed, he went to bed himself! Oh, well, at least I had kitties at midnight.

Other than that, we've been having car trouble for the past few days, so not much doing around here.
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Happy New Year! We had company from Georgia for the weekend, so we were pretty much celebrated out by last night. Did anyone see Jupiter last night? It will be about 85 years before it can be seen so clearly again. It was cloudy here, so I didn't get to see it. Many good wishes and kitty treats to everyone here at TCS!
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A happy & blessed New year to all. We had a very quiet night last night. We rented Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (excellent movie), Bounce & Evolution (funnier then anticipated & I lovved the alternative ending that was available on the DVD). I hope that everyone get's their heart's desire this new year!
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Happy New Year!

(better late than never!)
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