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growing pains?

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I am a new member, and this is my first post. I was not sure whether to post this in behavior or health forum.

I have two indoor only cats, the younger of which is a 9.5 month old male (orange & white) named Ray.

He was neutered at 4 months.

He has been meowing/crying a lot more the last few months for no apparent reason (has plenty of food, water, toys, etc.)

I am wondering if this could possibly be growing pains...

He has been growing a lot the past few months, (especially his face is changing) and if the size of his feet are any idication, he has some more growing to do.

We give him plenty of attention, and during these "crying" spells he doesn't seem to want additional attention.

He has been to the vet for regular check up and was deemed "healthy as a horse"

I am wondering if he is having growing pains and if so, what we can do to ease his pain.
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I havnt heard of growing pains yet. When cats cry like that it usually means they are trying to tell you something or show you something. Mostly true of indoor/outdoor cats who want to be let out. If it persists, I would check with the vet again and even check for a UTI.
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Thank you for getting back to me so quickly. I will keep an eye on him and take him in for another check up if this behavior persists much longer.
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