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Warm Ears ??

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This is just a really general health question that I hoped someone would have some information about...

I have noticed latley that Simon's ears are warmer then normal, maybe even somewhat "hot." I know that his ears weren't always this hot because I always kiss his head and his ears and normally they are fairly cold and I rub them to warm them up for him.

It's pretty warm in PEI, although not THAT warm, 25 degrees I would say during the day, and he's eating and acting normally.

I know ears can be warm if they have ear mites, I checked and know what to look for since he had ear mites as a kitten. The only other thing that worries me is that he has a third eyelid problem that is still not diagnosed and I am worried if the third eye lid problem has something to do with his warm ears...

Anyone know why his ears could be warm ? Or has anyone had any eye problems with their cats in which their ears felt warm..

I am hoping someone has some ideas I am stumped!
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Do you know how to take his temperature? I know you've had a time with little Simon ... it might be worth learning how to get it if you don't already know. It is relatively easy to do especially if you get one of those nifty flexible rectal thermometers - they make several models, but I like the one that was digital and beeped when it was through. I bought one at CVS (along with a small tube of KY) and whenever I think there is a problem, that is the first thing I do.

If you are uncomfortable doing this at home, get your vet to show you how to do it next time you are in for a visit. It is helpful on those late nights and weekends when you ~think~ that something might not be just so.
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Thanks Gayef , I am going to pick one up on Monday asap, as stores are closed tomorrow.

I think I need to stop searching for information on the internet because I read millions of articles, most of which scare me to death as the prognosis for a lot of cat diseases are grim. My vet says Simon is healthy but I have had a gut feeling for 2 months that something is wrong even though all tests show he's healthy. Two vets agree that he is in great health.. so I guess I will take it day by day. I know I am a young pet owner but I take great care with my kids.

I think your thermometer idea is excellent, and I suppose I SHOULD already have one.

BTW- I haven't posted pictures of Elle's spay because I have been really busy with working and family visiting. 5 days after the spay I noticed her incision swelled a LOT and popped open a little ! So naturally I got worried I took her back in to the Vet that same day and she's on Clavamox for possible infection.. Poor little thing.

I felt horrible for her, but I have been using a warm compress on her belly daily at the vets request and she gets 2 doses of clavamox daily. Swellling has diminished and the incision is closing nicely.

I feel guilty for having her put through all this pain, but I know that it's best for her and for Simon.

Here is a picture of the two love birds I took today before work, They always snuggle, it's adorable!
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Awww, they are so very sweet!! You did the right thing by spaying her, please don't beat yourself up about it. You have not only prevented undesired pregnancy, you have also greatly reduced her chances of becoming ill with other reproductive health issues. It is a small thing which returns many, many rewards.

I know you've had a time with your little Simon ... and searching the internet can be wonderful as a source of information, but honestly, use your common sense when choosing what information you trust. No matter what you may read, no matter what other cat owners (including me!!) may tell you, your ~best~ resource is first and always your own trusted veterinarian.

You give those two "Smeezes" (I ~love that!! I call mine "Meeze". In fact, it is even on my license plate) a gentle scritch or two about the ears from Auntie Gaye, won't you? *grin*

Take good care,

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I can't add anything to the health conversation - just that I hope Simon will be OK. Did you buy a thermometer? I am in Halifax - wish I could get one to you. I am at the IWK and we have lots of 'em, <g>

I also wanted to tell you how beautiful your kitties are. I adore meezers - I have one loud diva meezer , wedgie girl tho. But Gaye, I love Appleheads equally well. Is Simon the son of these two Meezers?
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JaneMary I didn't realize we are so close in age Never say that b/c you are young, I am younger than you

I really have nothing to add, Gaye knows her stuff , except that Cola is sending Simon all her good thoughts (she is sitting here right now) just like I am!
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The only time one of my cats had warm ears was when she had an allergic reaction to her vaccination. But this warmness was accopanied by extremely agitated behaviour and racing around the house at top speed and some frantic grooming....

If you can't take his temp how do his ears feel in comparison to your other cats?

Also... what do you mean by he has a third eyelid condition?
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* Simon isn't actually related to Gayef's cats, well not that we know of She's just always supported me with my cats since she knows tonns about the breed!

* I have yet to purchase the thermometer but I will on Monday morning!

* Thanks for the well wishes Cola and Ashley!!

* As for Simon's eyelid problem, I wrote a LOT of posts about it on the forums if there's any way you could do a search for it I am sure it would come up.

Here's the short version:

Simon is 2 years old, I brought Elle home about 6 months ago, a few weeks after I brought Elle home Simon's third eyelids started showing. I took him to the vet got him tested for FIP/FIV/FeLV, total blood work, Tapeworm, Round worm treatments, fecal testing, exams, you name it. 300$+ later, he's healthy, minus his third eyelids protruding a bit (varies in severity from time to time). I have had him checked by 2 vets, whom aboth agree he's healthy. Which leaves me wondering why the eyelids are still showing

Alas, my Vet assumes it's a behavioural change that occurred when Elle was introduced into the household. So I take each day as it comes, and have just noticed latley that his ears are warm, because his ears are so close to his eyes I was worried the two were related.

* Elle's ears are a little warm as well, not as warm as Simon's though.

So, I am going to purchase a thermometer on Monday just to check things out. If I find anything irregular off to the vet I go.

Thanks for the comments and support, I don't know what I would do if I didn't have you guys!
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Hi there....

If they are a specific breed maybe you could get in touch with someone who breeds them professionally and ask them if this breed has any particular anomalies... I've noticed that 3rd eyelids in siamese cats always seem a little more obvious than other cats.
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That's what my vet said as well.

I have researched the breed extensively, and never came across anyone confirming this being common. I will look into it more

Thanks for the comments!
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My guess is that the ear thing is probably nothing ... my little Lexus Lima Bean has very warm ears and paws too. I have taken her temp and she is fine. She is just a little blast furnace!
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I have one cat, who seems to have less hair on her ears (??), and her ears always seem to be pretty warm. She has a bit of a high metabolism, I think, because she eats all the time and is pretty thin. Just FWIW!

She also likes me to rub her ears more when they are warm. I actually rub them between my thumb and forefinger.
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I read once that if you softly massage a cat on the tips of their ears, its like some kind of relaxation zone...Lovey doesn't like it, but Rocky does.

My Lovey's ears are always a bit warm too at times...

I hope everything turns out ok with your lil meezers.

My moggies send their best
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Originally Posted by JaneMary

I have researched the breed extensively, and never came across anyone confirming this being common. I will look into it more

While this may or may not hold any water ... it is my own experience that when vets are stumped as to what may or may not actually be causing the problem, they grasp for any straws they can get a hold to and say it is a breed thing.

I have researched this breed thoroughly as well for most of my life and I have never come across any information about it. My guess is that it is one of those straws I was commenting on earlier in my post. *wink*

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