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Constant sneezing

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The kitten constantly sneezes, but it's not sneezes, it's like a "small sneeze" usually nothing comes out. We recently cleaned the carpet with oust, could it be that? How bad is it?? Thanks in advance.
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How old is the kitten? Don't use anything on your carpets around cats ... vacuuming regularly and cleaning up accidents with a baby laundry detergent such as Dreft is the best way to clean up around kittens and cats. They are so low to the ground and get a MUCH higher concentrated nose-full of stuff in the carpet.
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We stopped using anything on the carpets. I vacuum twice a day. The kittens are 3 month old. It is 80-90 degrees outside and we do not put AC on because I'm afraid that they'll get sick. We sleep in the same room (kittens, hubby and I) and during the night they start sneezing. The girl is a little chubby and the boy i sooooooooooo skinny. I think when they were in the shelter she was eating his food that's why they are so different in weight. Although he is taller than her. So at night the sneezing starts and it's usually closer to the morning. I myself get a bit chilly so I'll cover myself with a cotton sheet. It's not cold because my husband sleeps without anything. But she'll sneeze about 5 times in 2 hours and he'll sneeze 10 times. I'm very worried. Should we keep the windows closed? SHould I take him to the vet? We have carpets so they are not running on the cold floor. Any ideas?

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