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Sara is sick and no one knows whats wrong!

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Sara went to the vet last week because of her monster breath. The vet said she had some kind of autoimmune problem where her body was basically attacking and trying to destroy her teeth. So he gave her a time-released shot that day, after a week I was supposed to start giving her one prednisone every other day for a month.

Well, a few days after the shot, she started having horrible sneezing and coughing fits. I thought it was a reaction to the shot, so I called the vet back and they said actually the opposite should be happening if anything, because the shot was the same thing they use to treat allergies. So I left her up there for the day and when I went to pick her up they said that she had barley make a sound. No sneezing and coughing. So of course our guess was she was allergic to something at home and to start searching the house for the cause.

They told me to go ahead and start her on the pills that day(2 days early). Of course, as soon as I got her home, she started sneezing and coughing again. So I went through the house, opened all windows and turned the circulating fan on. I got rid of all my candles, I cleaned the bathrooms, her toys, bowls, I vacuumed everything in the house, changed the bag and then vacuumed again. I washed all blankets and bedding and dusted. After the second day, the coughing is a lot better and the sneezing is only a little better.

But I noticed earlier today that her left eye is seriously draining water. It looks like she is crying and she has (yellow-ish)eye boogers that I keep cleaning out. She is still eating and going to the bathroom normally, but she doesn’t want to do anything. And she wont let me touch her head.

I really have no idea what is wrong with her. I called the vet yesterday and gave them an update on how she was doing, but that was before her eye problem. So they don’t know about that. But they just said keep watching her and call them if anything changes. We are basically just waiting to see what happens next. She rubs her nose with her paw a whole lot. Is it possible that drainage from her nose got on her paw and got in her eye and is affecting it?

I am so paranoid. I guess it could just be a basic cold or allergies. But still, I am so worried about my baby!
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I have no idea what's wrong but it might be worth calling a 24hr vet. Hopefully it's nothing but either way you'll get an idea of what to do. I know when one of my cats aren't feeling well I tend to panic. I've called the emergency vets a couple times just so I don't drive myself crazy worrying.

Please keep us posted.
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sending :prayers: and
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I know cats can have allergies. We think Harvey does because this spring he acted like he had a cold for about a week. We didn't take him to the vet because it went away. That could be the problem.
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I would think allergies as well. I had a scented candle and every time I had it out my cat would sneeze. It had quite a strong smell as well. After I got rid of the candle it took about two days or until the sneezing went away. But I trew it out in the garbage....If you are really worried maybe a get a second opinion from another vet?
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