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Henry and Jack wanted me to post their pictures too

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Vain little things they are, eh?

Here they are shortly after coming home, 8 weeks old

This is my fave pic ever of Henry

And here's Henry looking all innocent

This one gives an idea of how much they've grown in just a few weeks.

Apparently Henry is more photogenic than Jack.
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You should have included a cuteness alert! I almost overloaded. They are just adorable.
Give them a tummy rub from me.
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Those are 2 of the cutest kitties!
My favorite is the one of Henry laying on the towel.

You have 2 beautiful furbabies.
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Oh are these the little carpet scratchers?!

Their soooo sweet! They look a pair of snuggle bugs alright
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Those two are just too adorable for words!!!
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awwww I love the one of Henry on the towel as well!!!

they are just adorable so therefore they are allowed to be vain
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Awwwww, Henry and Jack are a couple of cuties!!!!
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Thanks everyone. I think they're pretty cute too.

Here's a couple more of my favorite pics. I think I caught Jack in the middle of a yawn in this one

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oh my, these babies are so cute. Just adorable... I love them to pieces
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Oh my goodness, they are just adorable! I'm so glad they convinced you to post their pics!!
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Awe.. Your kittens are absolutely adorable. I believe your kittens will have to pose for more pictures and post them on TCS!! Thanks for sharing.
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Awwww, what cute little guys!
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very cute kitties
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Oh my gosh...they are both adorable.
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Very cute
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Holy Mackerel! They are beyond cute! More, please!
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What a couple of sweeties!
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Here's a couple more

Here's a picture of a picture of Henry as a it from the shelter when I took them in for shots last week

Their new favorite game, playing footsie through the doorway

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Ohhh the cuteness...might...explode!

Enjoy the kitten time, they grow up so fast!
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I don't think it gets much cuter than that! What faces!
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Well that is complete and total cuteness!
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Here are a few more of my babies...I'm trying to take lots of pics now, because I really regret not taking more when they first came home!

I love this one

I wonder if I was late with lunch?

Resting after a tough workout

(of course, they destroyed both toys that came with the cat tree within 48 hrs)

Ready for my closeup!

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Awee.... your kitties are so adorable. I've taken lots of pictures since Izzie was a wee little kitten (about 2 weeks old) and I love looking at them to see how much she has grown and changed. It's definitely worth capturing their growth stages as well as their cuteness!! Keep snapping those pictures!!

Oh by the way, I noticed in one picture you have a Pro Form treadmill. I really, really would love to have a treadmill, but I don't have much free space in my apartment for one. How do you like yours?
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