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Sick Kitty

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Please forgive me I am new to the forum and need urgent answers and can not take the time at the moment to familairze myself with the site "style" etc.
Please if anyone can offer some thought or suggestions I would greatly appreciate it - Thank You inadvance.

I adopted a 9 month old kitten from a shelter about 6 weeks ago and have had nothing but problems ever since. First he was treated for mange and earmites and tested for FIV and FeLV which came back negative. He started having little seizures, that we first attributed to the ear mites. After 3 weeks of being treated for the mites I took him in to get neutered and he had lost some weight, had eye lesions and had a fever (104 F). The Vet wanted to euthanize him because he was convinced he had FIP's. He said that only an autopsy or biopsy would confirm this so obviously I opted for the later. Upon his internal inspection (laperscopic (sp??) surgery) there was no evidence of lesions on his organs or fluid accumulation in his body cavity so Wet and Dry FIP's were ruled out. THe Vet deteremined that Riley had Toxoplasmosis so we began treating him with Clyndimycin (sp?? -sorry I'm bad) for three weeks and eye drops for his eyes. Unfortuantely, he was also give another treatment for mange and had a terrible reaction - seizures that left him unbalanced for two weeks or more when I had to force feed him for quite some time. Two weeks into his treatment for TOXO he went in for a checkup and he had a fever - he was given a penicillin injection and when I brought him home he bagan eating on his own, became very sociable. THe second penicillin injection three days later showed even more improvement. Unfortunately, one of my dogs died a terrible death at this time and with my grief I couldn't give Riley the extra attention he needed (lots of cuddles) and I was late with a specially prepared meals for him - he started to have seizures again. Two more injections of penicillin and he is not recovering - he walks with a drunken gait, falls over when he is trying to do his business in the litter box, can't meow (never did), and today he vomitted for the first time (not a hair ball), is loosing weight. His urine was also tested for sugar and it was negative. His feces has also came up negative on a coiple of occasions.
I am afraid that he is wasting away and there is nothing I can do - My Vet has no answers and my finacial resources will not allow me to continue with this hit and miss treatment regime. Please if anyone has any idea what Riley could be suffering with Please, Please let me know.
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Shannon, I believe based on what you have posted, and confessed you do not have the finances to help this cat, that the kindest thing to do would be to put him down.

If not that, you would need to get him to a feline specialist pronto where tests would need to be run as they explored the possibilities of what could be wrong with him. If he was treated with an over-the-counter product, it is possible that this product has poisoned him in some way, affecting his organs and internally causing him to have these problems. This procedure of testing to find out what is wrong is usually quite expensive, because you need specialists, not just regular vets that shoot in the dark on diagnosing what *might* be the problem.
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I agree with Hissy that you would be wise to get Riley examined by a Feline Specialist as soon as possible. I know how much you must love your little boy and appreciate all you're doing for him! This must be so difficult for both of you. Please do keep us updated how he is feeling, what his new Vet has to say and the progress he is making.
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