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New Mommy here

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Hello everyone,

I'm a new mommy, I got my baby two days ago but I had to right on a different forum to ask about fleas.

Anyway, My baby's name is Oscar and he is 7 weeks old. When we got him home I noticed he had some fleas on him and had to ask for help on what to do to get rid of them.

I got a lot of help from a few people which I really appreciated.

This is my Oscar

This is my first time being a cat mom, I've always been a dog mom and a bird mom, so this is a new experience for me. I love it so much too.

Thank you all for reading.

Happy New Year from Oscar, China and Jose and Joejoe and Bone
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Hi ShiningStar!
Welcome to The Cat Site!! It's a fantastic place filled with good people and good information!
Thanks for sharing Oscar's picture with us, he is such a little cute kitten! You will soon find out that being owned by a cat is a very rewarding and enjoyable experience!
Enjoy yourself and I hope to see you posting often!!!
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That baby is just precious! Welcome to you as well. If you have any questions about how things work around here, don't hesitate to ask.
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Shiningstar. Welcome to TCS! And a big old meow to Oscar as well! He is absolutely adorable, and Lorie is right, being owned by a cat is a great thing!
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Welcome, welcome, shiningstar! Great to have you join us!

Oscar looks like a precious sweetie!

See you around the Forums!

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Happy New Year all,

Thank you so much for the welcome, it feel great :kitty5:
And yes I will be asking questions as time goes by but for now we're just waiting to go visit the vet for his shots and check up.

Have a great holiday and a wonderful year :bubbly:

shiningstar and oscar
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Hi Shiningstar :angel2:

I love your little kitty's pic Oscar's adorable...I also love the names of your other babies

When a kitty that young has fleas, get a flea comb and I put rubbing alcohol in a small bowl. I run the comb through my kitties fur and push the fleas into the bowl filled with alcohol. The fleas will die almost instantly. Don't get any alcohol on the kitty, you can always dilute the alcohol too. I hate using any chemicals at all on my cats. This method is tried and true! :laughing2...Trust me, it takes a few times to get good at it, but if he's the only kitty and the other ones don't bring in fleas, you'll never have to worry about fleas. Just check him about every three days after you start removing them. In about two weeks they should be gone altogether.

Works for me!
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Welcome to the site! Your kitten is gorgeous! He add much joy & havoc to your life. Enjoy!
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Hi!!! Welcome to you and Oscar!!!! I have a cat named Oscar, too!! Glad you have joined us here!!!
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Welcome to the site!!! What a cutie little kitty!!! oooo yum yum yum!! Hope to see you posting often...and lots more pics!!!
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