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Kitter's Recovery!!!

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Well, Kitter's is home from her suprise surgery and is doing good. For those of you who didn't know why she had to have it you can read this thread.

She came home yesterday and was bouncing off the walls. I could hardly keep her still, which got me very worried. I finally got her to sit on her stool for a little bit

and then go and sleep in the window. After I had gotten home from work, she still hadn't eaten, but we coaxed her out of the window (with daddy talking, she loves that!) and she came out to check out her food dish. She ate a little bit

and then we gave her the medicine she needed to take. She actually did really well with it. Then you could tell she was getting sleepy

so we brought her into the bedroom and set her in her tent and she crashed!!!! (You can see her little ear just poking out, and when she'd move all you'd see was a paw poke out randomly, somthing bump the sides... it was cute!)

Just passed out for the rest of the night!! (finally!!!) Poor little booger!!!

I think when they shaved her little belly they got her nip, cuz one is a little red and looks cut a smidge.

Poor baby!!!

I will let you know how she continues to progress. I do have a question and would like some suggestions though. Can anyone suggest a brand, type, or perticular food that would fatten Kitters up? She is quite thin (and much more from surgery - she was only 5 1/2lbs. before and probable closer to 5 now!) and the doctor had asked if she had even gone through a stage of not eating (which she hasn't) and we always keep food in her dish especially since she eats in the middle of the night most of the time!!! Any suggestions would be great! thanks!

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I dont have any suggestions about the food. I hope someone will though.

I just wanted to tell you how happy I am that she is ok!!!
She is so beautiful!!! She reminds me of my LILO!!!

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Awwwww look at her sleepy little face Pleased she's doing ok though
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Yeah, it was sad to she her so sleepy and not happy looking but looking at it now it's kind of cute too... I sure do hope that there are some suggestions as well, I get worried about her (and everything) easily!!!!
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What a brave little Kitter. She's lovely.
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If you want her "fattened up" I'd suggest Iams. Its filled with protein and calories, and it got my cats so fat, I had to change their diet.

You could use it short term. Good luck with your baby, I'm glad she's feeling better.
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I don't have any food suggestions. You might want to ask about Kitter's diet in the Health forum. I think you would get more help there.
I am so glad that Kitter is OK. Thanks for the new pictures & the update. Ketter is adorable.
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Glad to hear Kitter is recovering nicely. I don't think you should worry about her weight. With your fantastic TLC, Kitters will gain much in no time!
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Thanks everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I did end up picking up some Meow Mix in the little pouches as it had REAL meat in it, no filler and crap.... She absolutly LOVES it... Normally with any moist food she'll lick off the gravy and leave all the food.... She finished the whole pouch... I think I am going to give her two to three pouches a week. I've never seen her eat moist so well... BTW she is doing great now.. Being very active, playing... It just makes me happy that she's ok... Doesn't like the taste of the medicine so it is getting harder to get her to take it... but she's got to have ti so..... Thanks again everyone!!!
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