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Need some help with road trip plans PLEASE!

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Hey all. We are planning a road trip in about 2 weeks (how exciting!!!!!!) to Florida. Anyone have any suggestions on where to stop? I was thinking Williamsburg, VA, South of the Border and Atlanta, GA. Any where else?

Also, what do you normally do with your pets when you go on vacation? I have 3 cats and hate to leave them but I desperately need this vacation. I don't know if I could have someone come over everyday to check on them. Anyone in the NJ area know of a good kennel or cat sitter?

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Williamsburg and South of the Border are fun! Granted I haven't been to them since I was probably 14, so that's a good 11 years ago! There's a Busch Gardens down there as well that is pretty fun, you might want to stop there. I really enjoyed Williamsburg and Busch Gardens.
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Washington, D.C. - the Smithsonian museums. Annapolis Naval Academy. Wow - it has been so long since I made a similar trip. The Luray Caverns? Monticello?
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Washington DC sounds great.. I went there a couple of years ago.. what an amazing trip. I haven't heard of the Luray Caverns or Monticello so I will have to look them up.

I went to the Busch Gardens in Tampa about 6 years ok.. was ok. I wish we had the time and money to go to Universal or Disney.

But thanks for the suggestions! I am so excited!! Keep them coming please!
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You should plan to drive along Skyline Drive (VA), just for the breathtaking views. If I remember correctly, that's the Blue Ridge Mountains. Also - have you seen Inner Harbor (Baltimore)? Depending on when you leave, you could stop and have a look at the Aquarium, and then have brunch or lunch at the nearby food courts right at the harbor. Sorry - it has been over twenty years since I've been in the area, so my memories are a bit fuzzy, and we mainly saw "historical sites" on our trips down South.
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Don't be sorry -- those are some great suggestions! I want to see the best of VA -- for some reason I have this urge to live there and I want to convince my boyfriend to move! lol

I was supposed to see the Baltimore Aquarium for a trip with my Marine Biology class back in high school and I had a really bad migraine that day so I couldn't go. I would love to go there.

I love historical sites.. that's why DC was so interesting. We saw the Lincoln Memorial, Washington Memorial, Vietnam Wall, Arlington Nat'l Cemetery, etc.

I think the best thing in planning besides picking places to stop will be making mix tapes!
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Augusta, GA is 3 hours closer to South of the Border than Atlanta. (I forget how many miles between SOB and Augusta.) It is beautiful, and not nearly so congested, dirty, or expensive to stay in. The downtown area has nice shopping and food. There are several museums down there, and some historical sites. The Riverwalk is really nice. The Washington Rd. exit will take you to the best areas, and straight to downtown. There is a huge mall there, and a little fun park with gocarts and stuff. Those are not off the same exit, but really easy to find.
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Thanks krazykat! I will certainly try to stop there. What about Savannah or Macon? I would really like to visit Macon as that is where the Allman Brothers lived and they are one of my favorite bands.
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