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Cat Scratched In Eye By Another Cat

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i have one cat who's eye was scratched by another one of our cats this morning.

the cat's eye seems to have a scratch mark across the lens but do not seem in pain. the local vet is not avaible til monday.

any thoughts?
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A scratched cornea could result in loss of vision if it's infected. Judgment call on waiting until Monday, I guess. I'm interested to hear what the experts here have to say.
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IME eye problems are always emergencies. I would have the cat seen ASAP before the scratch becomes an ulcer. Having had a scratched cornea before I assure you- IT HURTS!
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I would bring your cat to an emergency clinic if one is available. If not, is there a way you can contact your vet to obtain information on what to do in the meantime?
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Having dealt with this issue as well as self-inflicted corneal lacerations, a vet visit as fast as possible is best. Corneal ulcers, infections are even worse to deal with (trust me, been there, been treating that recently). They can check how deep this is, prescribe appropriate meds - you don't want to wait 48 hours - ample time for an infection to set in
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Good advice...please take it. I know I wouldn't want to mess with my cat's vision. And if he's in pain....
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Had that happen once to my Bogart in the middle of the night and got him to the vet first thing in the morning. In his case, the vet had to put him under and remove a flap of skin at the point of the scratch. He was on meds for weeks afterwards.

Don't mess with their vision - get him to a vet ASAP.
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