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We Had to put Sugarly Down Today

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Hi all. Most of you don't know me, but I'm Adymarie's husband John.

After over 5 years of treatment for anti-social behaviour, we had to put Sugarly to rest today. She had been getting increasingly stressed as of late, and last night was the deciding night. She seemed to not respond to her amitryptylene tablets, and began leaving little pooplets, and pee puddles all over the house.

Normally, when she gets stressed like this, I usually isolate her in the laundry room, away from all of the other cats, so that she could get some intensive and loving reassurance, with a litter box all to her own.

What I saw last night horrified me. She must have been holding onto her stools for days, as she was howling in obvious pain, trying to pass stool that could pass for the size of a human's. They seemed to be 2 stools compressed into one huge one. The pain and strain in this poor cat was intolerable, and Ady and I made the decision to put her down.

We had thought of trying to adopt her out, but she was such a skittish cat, that even that possibility was ruled out.

We are trying to cope as well as possible, and are holding onto the thought that we did the right thing to end her suffering. But it still hurts. She was one of our original "furbabies", and has been an integral part of our family for the last 9 years.

I know it sounds corny and all, but if there is a way for cats to understand in the afterlife, I just want to say....

Sleep well Sugarly.... You will never be in pain again ! Mommy and Daddy love you very much, and we are going to miss you forever.

Thanks for allowing me to post on behalf of the family.

John, on behalf of Adrienne and Kevin
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I am so sorry for your loss.
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John and Ady,

I know that you have worked with various vets with this cat for some time now trying to get to the root of issue. My guess is this cat was ill, beyond what could be "diagnosed" or seen, and sometimes that happens.

I am sorry that a better outcome was not found, but at least now Sugarly is no longer is such anxiety and pain-

Hugs to you as you handle the loss-
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OMG - I've been wondering how you've been dealing with Sugarly's behavior. I'm sorry to hear that things got to a point where it was impossible to deal with the situation, Thanks, John, for keeping us up to date, My sympathies to you and Ady. You did your best.
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How very sad! I am sorry that your obvious love for this cat and doing everything possible was not enough to correct her mental and physical health problems. What a terrible loss, after 9 years! I'm sorry you lost this fine baby who was so special to your family. Bless you for understanding her for all these years, and for putting her needs over yours in the end.

She is finally whole and well, and dancing over the rainbow bridge uninhibited, like she was unable to do here despite such loving care!
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I am so sorry.
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Ady & John

I'm sorry to hear of little Sugarly! We will miss you Sugarly..

Hugs to you both at this hard time.
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I repeat - sleep well Sugarly

Ady & John, I am so sorry to hear of your loss, hugs and love to you both during this time. Sugarly is now in on pain and is running around chasing all the butterflies.... she will sleep well and watch over you forever

RIP angel Sugary - you will be greatly missed
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Oh my! I find this post and this situation so sad! Poor Sugarly! At least she k ew she was loved but it is very curious that no illness showed up before at the vet's. She must have been ill and in pain for awhile yet all the visits to the vet never uncovered it - sounds like a necropsy is definitely in order!! I am so sorry for your loss!!!!
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Thank you for sending this difficult post. Definitely, you all made the right decision regarding Sugarly. There is no alternative to death, ultimately, and you chose what was best for Sugarly, the sacrifice for your family was great, but gave her one of the best gifts one can give a friend, in easing her suffering and allowing her to die with dignity.Please give extra hugs to Ady for me, and a kiss to sweet little Kevin. As for Sugarly, like the others already said, she is free & happy over RB, and yes, I sincerely believe that she actively knows how much she is loved, missed & best of all, she patiently awaits the day that she is with her owners again. God Bless, Susan
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I am so sorry for your loss.
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That's so sad
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I'm so sorry for your loss of Sugarly, but you undoubtedly did the best thing for her. Now she can be happy & healthy again, waiting for you over the Rainbow Bridge.
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I am so sorry for the pain you both are going through. I hope that you can find comfort in the knowledge that Sugarly is at peace now.
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So sorry to hear of your loss, it does sound like you did the best for her, and the fact you worked with her probs for so long shows how special you are.
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Thanks everyone for your kind words of sympathy and support. Sugarly is in a better, pain-free place, and our lives are definitely enriched by having her in our family.

Ady, John and Kevin
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RIP sweet Sugarly.
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I just had an upsetting email from Adrienne in Toronto - advising that shes had to have one of her cats gently put to sleep and shes devastated. We all know how this feels when doing the right thing - just spare her a thought and a prayer please. I will tonight for sure.
God bless
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apologies, I just read this on the crossing the bridge- i just got an email from Ady, so my apologies for any confusion caused.
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I saw it, too. A lot of people don't go to the Crossing the Bridge section because it's too sad so it's a good thing you mentioned this. I hope Adymarie is able to find healing soon.
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My deep condolences Ady Marie... from the bottom of my heart...
Please don´t give up...
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Originally Posted by kev
apologies, I just read this on the crossing the bridge- i just got an email from Ady, so my apologies for any confusion caused.
Thoughts and prayers to Adrienne. Been there and it is difficult.

Kev how are you doing? Been thinking about you!
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Kev how are you doing? Been thinking about you![/quote]

Can I just say, I am totally devastated, am now divorced, low and incredibly depressed. Other than that - dont ever go there. I have been and would not want anyone to go through this like I have.
just wants to be with them both
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Glad (and sad) to read your post. I hope that your life will become better with time.
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How devastating. Send her my prayers and healing vibes.

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I sorry to read of your loss. Your family spent 9 years with a special cat.
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I can barely see the screen for the tears. It is heart-breaking beyond belief when we have to let our little bundles of furry love go. My thoughts are with you both.

Maggie in Western Australia
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I am so sorry to hear of your hard struggle and final loss of Sugarly. My thoughts are with you all. May Sugarly rest in peace and wait for you at the bridge.
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