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Happy New Year Wayne

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Happy New Year my love!
Just want to tell you and the rest of the world how much I love you!

Baby this past year has been the happiest that I have had in a very long time. Even though we have been far apart most of the year the few weeks we spent together contained enough happiness and love to last me until we are together again. God willing it will not be too much longer. Thank you for loving me in return Wayne and I feel blessed to have such a wonderful man that cares so deeply for me. My New Years resolution to you will be, to make you happy as possible every day of the coming year!

Love You Always,
Your Kitten
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I thank God every day that such a wonderful,loving woman is in my life and my heart. My darkest days are so much brightened and my good days are fantastic..all because you love me and I love you.

For those of you who do not know: I spent many years believing that love was for others,not me. Thru a twist of fate I took some computer lessons and bought myself a setup. I had visions of starting a small on-line business(told you I knew nothing:LOL. Then I joined a cat forum (sorry,not this one)and was stumbling my way around. A very kind,understanding lady helped me out and we began talking. The rest,as they say,is history. This fantastic lady has transformed my life and my heart. With all the boosts that God has given us along the way,I know that we will someday soon be together forever. That will be the most FANTASTIC day in my life. :blubturq:

My New Years resoloution is to do my very best to be worthy of such a woman and such a love.

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