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My Leo has what appears to be a small abcess behind his ear. I had seen him scratching at it and it hadn't looked bad until I checked it a few minutes ago. I will not be able to get him to the vet until Thursday. This is a very small town and there is not one that will be open until then. He doesn't really seem to be in any pain and doesn't mind letting me look at it. It appears to have begun draining a little, but I think maybe he irritated it by scratching. I would like to clean it, but I don't know what would be safe to clean it with. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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I'm not sure any topical medication will be safe, Leo will lick off whatever you try to put on it. What about warm moist compresses? Maybe a warm moist washcloth that you can hold on the wound for a few seconds at a time? It's a good idea to see the vet though because if it is an abcess he will probably need an oral antibiotic to clear it up.

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Abscesses are generally treated by opening them up to allow them to be cleaned with an antiseptic. This will be painful but if there is a store near you that is still open, you can go get a tube of Orajel (you know the numbing stuff you put on bad gums?) Spread the jel over the abscess, let it sit till it deadens the area then gently scrape off the dead skin and allow the wound to bleed and drain. Using either Betadine wash or Hydrogen Peroxide, wash the wound and apply an antibiotic creme over it. Clip kitties nails so she can't scratch and open it up again and watch her closely. The trick to abscesses it so keep them open and draining so the nasty stuff can get out of the cats body.Otherwise, complications can set in such as fever, lethargy, loss of appetite. Antibiotics are also good to combat the infection within.
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It wasn't an abcess, just a fairly large scratch he kept scratching open. The vet said it would be fine, just to keep an eye on it to make sure it doesn't abcess. It looks much better and doesn't seem to hurt any more. He is back to his big, beautiful red tabby self. He plays the sympathy thing to the hilt with every little thing. One "poor baby" and he is giving an Oscar winning performance. He will lie on his back with his paws over his eyes. I have caught him peeking to see if I am looking at him being pitiful. Such a ham!
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Oh, yes, thanks for the suggestions on caring for him until the vet could see him!
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I just wanted to say that the Oscar winning performance you described in your post sounds soooo cute! Leo must be quite a character!!!! :laughing: :laughing:
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