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Milk for kittens

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My 18 week old persian, Sluggo, and I have a breakfast routine every morning. I eat my cereal while Sluggo sips the milk. He gets maybe a tablespoon of milk. Sometimes skim and sometimes 2%. Is this bad for him? It really makes him feel special because Pandora doesn't get any
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Some cats are lactose intolerant. If he seems to be handling it without intestinal distress (i.e. diarrhea), and the cereal doesn't have anything bad in it, like raisins or chocolate, then I wouldn't worry about it. My cats love the cereal milk too, even when it's soy milk.
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If he isn't constipated from this small encounter with milk, it should be okay. But as a rule, milk isn't very good for cats.
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We used to always give our cats milk when I was a child, without any ill effects. I mean, they drunk it for years, and as much as they wanted.
So, if he is handling it fine, I wouldn't worry about it at all.
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I have to go with the keep an eye out, and less is probably best (good tip the member had re making sure it's a raisin and/or chocolate free cereal!).

My grandparents barn cats used to get a fresh treat of milk every day
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