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5 year old cat

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I have a 5 almost 6 year old male cat that has not been fixed. I am planning on making an appointment. Will it be healthy for me to do it this late in age? Another thing about this cat is he had an accident when he was 1 1/2 -2. I had got the over counter bio spot for him and he had a reaction from it. He was having a seizure and all. The vet gave me a slim chance of him making it. Well he pulled through it thank god . But when he did his nervuous system was messed up. he didn't know how to walk or eat had to learn it all over again. He never went back to a kitten really. He don't play only sleeps. I am just worried fixing him will make him worse. He is a 11 pound siamese so he stays in and the females in the home are fixed so never had to worry but I want to for health reason for a long health life for him. I have no kids so hes my baby, I am just worried. When i go on vacation and leave him at our home with my mother he gets real revengeful and pees or does the number two and my bed sheets . I just want to know its not going to change him for the worse. Any suggestions? Also FYI do not use over the counter flea stuff. my vet told me it takes the life of cats and dogs weekly.
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i dont think removing something nature gave him is going to make him live longer or be healhier. He is almost 6, you sound responsible and thus he will stay inside and not make more babies. If I was you I would leave him intact.
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If you have a vet who knows your cat well I would talk to him about it and take his advice.
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I would certainly get him neutered but only after talking to the vet at great length about all your concerns. It always makes me sad to hear how over-the-counter products designed to help an animal, can invariably harm or even kill them. I have an email file with stories similar to yours in my possession, and each one makes me cry. We put our faith in these products and they often let us down.

I am glad your cat is one of the ones that pulled through, and I am sorry he has such severe residual effects from his encounter. He is likely peeing on your mom's things as a reaction to his routine changing when you are not around, and not spraying because he is a tom. It doesn't sound to me much like he knows now how to be what he truly is, because at that age, being intact, he should be aggressive toward you and spraying the heck out of your home.
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Even if nature gave it to him- it can still be a health concern later on in life. Stating intact will increase his risk of prostate disease and different cancers. There are some very safe anaesthetics out there. Discuss your concerns with your vet. I'm sure neutering him will not cause any problems.
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Thanks everyone for all the info. i am going to call the vet and see what he thinks. he is on Science diet c/d for the remainder of his life due to crystals right now he weighs 11-12 pounds. He has been that weight since about 2 years old. I don't want to fix him and he get to fat. That won't be healthy at all either. I just need to express all my concerns to the vets. Maybe i'll make a list so i don't for get a thing. yeah its sad about the over counter stuff. I get worried when my vet gives me stuff. He just assures me nothings going to happen. My cat is in no pain but he can not stand loud noises and he keeps his claws out constantly and sharpens them on wood. They are very sharp. I once thought of declawing but you never know if you get another cat if they would fight getting use toone another and I don't think it would be fair. I will just have to bare claws i love my siamese and would do anything for them. I mean anything. Thanks again for all your help!
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I agree with those who recommend getting him neutered...especially if you are considering another cat. Neutering has many benefits:


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I am not a vet .. Dr Doolittle already gave a medical idea... I well my mom had our 125 lb german shepard fixed at age 6.5 due to not finding a mate for him.. he lived happily for 8 more years
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Actually, Catguy, neutering a cat DOES help it to live a healthier and happier life. It greatly reduces the risk of cancer and other life-threatening diseases. Plus if by chance the cat got outside, most intact cats will do ANYTHING to go outside, there is no chance of adding to the pet overpopulation.
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Our last cat was about 8 years old when we took him in, intact, and with some health problems (he was a feral). He was treated for dental disease and some abscesses, and then neutered. The neutering caused no problems at all. I really doubt that your cat is "too old" for the surgery. Straycat didn't gain weight at all after being fixed. Jamie was neutered at 6 months, and although he developed "spay sway", i.e., he has a flabby belly, his weight (6 kgs. = 13.23 lbs.) is within normal range for his size.
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Thanks everyone. I think I am going to schedule an appointment to get my kitty neutered. I just wanted to make it was not to late or if it ever is. Trust me with all the strays around my house I don't want to go there. He actually seems to have no interest in females since the accident. I take him outside and there will be strays trying to get a female and he acts as if shes not there. i do have a female siamese that he got pregnant 2 weeks after I got her. My vet at the time told me should could not be in heat to young. Well 4 weeks later where at the vet getting her spaded because she was pregnant and was to little to carry (5 babies I must say). I hated doing it but I couldn't lose her. I felt I failed as a mommie. when she got fixed she weighed 5 pounds (using weight gaining food during pregnancy) She still weighs 5 pounds and she is 5 1/2. The vet told me it stunted her growth she is the size of a 6-8 month old kitten. Ever since she hates any cat but my other siamese. i am just worried the same thing will happen and he'l fight everyone (kitties that is) But I need to do it for health reasons. i'd lode my mind with out him. seriously. I have no kids and may not be able to see I protect him as if he was my flesh in blood. my husband says I am nuts Thanks again everyone you are so helpful
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Originally Posted by sharky
I am not a vet .. Dr Doolittle already gave a medical idea... I well my mom had our 125 lb german shepard fixed at age 6.5 due to not finding a mate for him.. he lived happily for 8 more years
Keep this short I know its a cat site : )
Thats great we raised German shepherds. We had a male at 16 that had to be put down because of hips. When he was put down he weighed 180 pounds. He had weighed that since he was like 4 and we could not get it off of him and at the time vet didn't have all this stuff to help.
Our female was also 16 and we had to put her down at 15 she had cancer. She weighed in at 120 something.
I now have a 110 pound german shepherd that was left on the side of the road to die . In august he weighed 30 something pounds. I love shepherds and kitties! I also got a shepherd mix from the local SPCA.
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