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Just a quick behavioral question

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Why do some cats, or most cats, lift their rump as you rub your hand across it when you are petting them? I've always thought of this as a sign of annoyance, or aggression. I'm trying to clear up an argument I had with someone who thinks they're do this to show affection.
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I have a persian who starts licking at the air when we scratch her there, I have NO idea why she does it but she licks the air and will bite whatever is in front of her sometimes. Not hard, like she wants to nibble because it's too intense. Maybe it's all related!
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Our babies do that too. It appears as if they're loving it. They keep coming back for more. I guess each cat likes different things.
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Mine are doing this because they want MORE MORE MORE rubs! Darn old itchy butt!

A - come to the New Cats forum and introduce yourself and your fur children!
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Almost all cats LOVE having the area just above their tail rubbed and scratched. As you pet them there, they will stick their butt int he air in pure joy! This is a sign that they really, really like what you are doing!
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I have three cats that all like it there but my dog also loves it and will back up into you to keep on doing it.

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I heard somewhere that the cat sticking his or her rump in the air, is a sign of submission. The momcat would "clean" the baby kitten, and the rump raising is a sign that they trust you.

My baby does it when we scratch her. I give her a really good butt scratch and she is thrilled.
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You're confusing the lifted rump (signaling pleasure and trust, like Vjoy said) with an arched back (annoyance or fear). The main things to look for if you can't tell the difference are the other body language.
The lifted rump will be accompanied by closed eyes, leaning toward you, tail straight up in the air, or slightly cocked forward, and of course, purring.
The arched back will be emphasized by a lashing tail, fur standing up, ears back (flat), hissing, and standing up on tiptoes or leaning away.
Once you've seen them both, it is easy to tell the difference.
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