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These red x's are ****ing me off

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Ok, when I post a pic I use the square brackets w/ the IMG tag. When I click "preview" post I can see the photos just fine. But when I actually post them to the board they become red x's.........

I asked about this in my thread about the screen climbers, but I figured maybe someone who won't read that can maybe help. What am I doing wrong????????????????????????
My photos are from Ofoto.com and I am using the URL from the properties link. Is that correct??
Thanks for anyone who replies.
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A lot of these photo servers went to a faster server for the end of the year. If you go to msn.com and download the faster new program (depending on your computer) you will be able to see the photos, get into geocities, and your computer will be faster too. I had to download 5.5 but there are others, like I said that are determined by your computer, speed and server.
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Yeah, I was thinking it had to do w/ the individuals computer. Because sometimes I see red x's on other peoples posts when others seem to see it fine........so maybe its just an incompatibility. OH well, as long as someone saw it I know I am not crazy!!!!
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Yes, you're doing it right...but I don't understand why you can't see them when you actually post them. When you go back to post, do you see something like this url/{IMG}...................{/IMG}?

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By the way, I had to use the {} cause if I used the others, used see the red square.
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When I go back to post the IMG is still there in the square brackets.

I am not sure why sometimes it is red x and then sometimes the photo is there. Hissy could see the photo, and now I just saw that the red x turned to a photo for AP and for Lorie D.

Oh well, I guess maybe it was a computer fart or something.

I am going to test it again now.......Cat, can you tell me if you see the photo or the x??

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I'm seeing a red X
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Sorry, I see just a red x right now I have a very nice system, so I doubt it's your computer.
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Daniela, I know just how frustrating those dreaded red Xs can be! If and when those who own the inter-net get their heads out of their, well, dark places maybe there will be some reliability to all this.

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