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found beautiful boy

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hi, i just can't believe how cruel people can be...my husband found a kitten on his way home from work,he's about 6 months old ...i believe he is a seal point of some sort because he has the baby blue eyes and all the right markings..i have started giving him ear drops for his ear mites and i've given him a flea treatment...i already have 5 cats...three boys two girls and i plan on getting this guy all his shots..i'm looking for the cheapest place ..i'm running a bit low on funds right now, and my female "tasha" is about due to have her first litter of kittens(persian) i dont want to add more stress to her by bringing in another cat so i'm keeping him in my garage right now..of course he's out in the yard most of the time... i just wondered if anyone could tell me how soon he should be brought in the house after tasha has her kittens? thanks
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have you taken him to the vet yet? I would not bring him around Tasha unless you know for sure whether he is neutered.

bless you for taking this little one in even though it seems you have a full house...
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i'm going to take him to the vet next week, all my other males are nuetered but i don't think this guy is...he's very loving and is happy to just follow me around the yard..he'll make a great house cat, i live in a fairly busy area so i never let my cats out unless their on a leash.. he will more then likely need all his shots ...my guess is who ever threw him away didnt bother with anything...i'll post his picture after i figure out how to do it on this site..he's very pretty..
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Aw how sweet of you to take him in. Definitly a vet visit in in order before hes let around Tasha.
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oh yes post pictures we love pictures!!! if you need help let me know...

so your going to keep him then? great to hear that they cant get into any trouble while they are outside - looks like he is happy to have some love now
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Pictures are a must!
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how do i post a picture of him? should i go to the cat pages? he takes a great picture....
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read this thread about how to post pictures and see how you go... any problems send me a pm and I will see what i can do to help - I can also post them for you if you want to email them to me
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Oh I can't wait to see pictures too , he sounds sweet
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