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Pics ( lets try again )

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Ok, here is the direct link since my other thread did not work. If anyone can tell me why these red x's appear I'd be really appreciative!!

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great pics! :blubturq:
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Beautiful pictures, Daniela!!
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Ok, Daniela, not to drive you nuts, but when I went to the link, I got a bunch of nice pictures of your house (I'm assuming), but 2 of them were red x's. (I swear to God).
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Deb25, oh my god, we are cursed!!!!!!!!!!!! Maybe try again, perhaps someone else was there at the same time????????????

Sorry!!! I don't think anyone had problems w/ the link though. Oh, and yes that is my house w/ my family all jumping in the leaves!!!!

Thanks for trying though!
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Hi Daniela

I went there and saw two cute kitties climbing on your screens and of course your family playing in the leaves

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Ok, it looks as though at least the link is working!!
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I've started a photo album as well with pictures of all my kitties including Faberge aka "shorty" and Marina Mar.

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I really enjoyed looking at your beautiful cat pictures. My favorite is the one of the cat sleeping on the couch, he looks so comfortable!
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Nice pics Donna.
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Thank you. Faberge, aka "shorty" is a calico munchkin who, contrary to popular belief, can and DOES jump, despite her short legs. They're all wonderful.


I love the pictures of your cats on the screen! It reminds me of the tee-shirt I have with a cat on a screen with "Cat on a Hot Screen Door" printed underneath.

Happy New Year to you both!!
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Donna, I know I to you this already but, your cats are really gorgeous

Happy New Year!!

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Donna, what a beautiful family! I love the pictures of the cats with the sun shining on them.... and the little one laying on the couch with hands folded as if he went to sleep saying a prayer.

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Cute pictures! When Fluffy was a kitten, she used to climb up our arcadia screen door..... It was funny, because she'd get stuck & didn't know how to retract her nails!
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Thank you for sharing those photographs of your lovely feline friends! Our dear departed friend Sesheta used to love screen-door clinging, too.


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Daniela, I loved the pics of the cats clinging to the screens!!
My cats do that too, and it drives my hubby nuts, cause he put all new screens in, and now they have little holes all over them... it is cute, though!
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I finally was able to see those 2 pics! Must be because it's 2002. So much stuff just didn't go as planned last year.


Saw yours too. That Moo is something, girl. I used to think that Joseph was so ugly he was cute, but Moo takes the cake.
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