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They are not very bright.....

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Just got home from work. Mom called to say that she can't find Olivia. (The 6 month old kitten they adoped from my Aunt last weekend.) The cats there are only allowed outdoors when you are with them and Olivia is not allowed out yet. My 17 year old step-sister was laying on the couch and who knows where my 18 year old step-brother is. Sis hasn't seen Olivia....and didn't get up to look either. Pumpkin was outside, in the rain, and alone. Bunny was indoors. I am praying that Olivia has just found somewhere quiet to sleep and isn't outside in a new place like that! I probably wouldn't be upset except for the fact that sis thinks everyone should do what she thinks because what she thinks is rignt. (This from the kid who STILL asks me if her boobs have gotten bigger yet....) Well what she think is right is that when a kitten is 6 months old you put it outside and if it comes back then it's yours and if not then oh well. A philosophy her mother brilliantly came up with. (Not supprizing considering other things she thinks.) Grrr...... I would not put it past sis to take it upon herself to do what she believes in her own little world is best, in a home that does not belong to her, and not tell my mother. (She is very disrespectful. Threw a fit when my mother got a new car because she wants a big suv...yeah right...keep dreaming! Mom only bought the car because her old one had finally failed inspection for the last time.) She makes me so mad! Obviously, we were raised very differently. So now I'm waiting for Mom to call if she finds her. If not I guess I'll be going over to help look. Poor Olivia!
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Ok that was fast....Mom just found her. She was under my step-brother's bed (the abyss). Still upset with sis but very relieved littel Olivia is ok. I was NOT going to be the one to tell my Aunt that her precious kitty was lost! My Aunt adores that kitten.

I'm just very relieved and happy that Olivia is safe and sound! Sorry for the vent....
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I'm glad she was found!!!
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Glad to read she was still in the house!!
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Glad she's safe!
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