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is it time

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when will kittens be able to see all the way clearly and when will they be able to walk instead of crawl?
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Kittens eyes open usually around 10 days, though I've heard it as little as four days.

Walking will take some time... it will be 3-4 weeks before they are able to walk with little to no problems.

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but can they see all the way right now. their eyes just opened all the way yesterday and today they are 13 days old
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Someone gave this link to me when I had all the same questions you do.
It was very helpful to me and I think you will find it helpful also.


Go to this link and put in the birthdate of your kittens. It will then in a new box, open information for you.

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Their eyes will take time after they open to develop completely... they can see, but not perfectly.
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