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I found a tiny kitten along the road a few days ago

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I was walking my dogs Tuesday morning before work when I heard a frantic meow coming from the weeds along side the road (I live in a very rural area on a dirt road). I had to go through some pricker bushes (and of course I was wearing shorts!) to find where the meow was coming from, then I found her half way up a tree just screaming her head off. There are no houses close by, so I know some heartless person probably just dumped her off to fend for herself. Around here people do that all the time (instead of taking them to the shelter). She's a very tiny all black kitten. I took her home with me and fed her. She ate like she was starving! I took her into the clinic where I work to be examined, dewormed and tested for Feline Leukemia/FIV. I have 4 cats already (all adopted from the local animal shelter) and I really do not need another, but I just cannot bring myself to take her to the shelter. They're already overflowing with kittens and the board at work is also full of "free kittens". My husband is furious, but I guess in time he will get over it. I take care of my cats, buy all of their food and pay for all of their veterinary costs. He really has no right to be mad. My cats are well cared for (all are spayed and indoor only). I could see him being mad if I went to the shelter and actually adopted another one or if I had brought one home from work with me (it seems like at this time of year at least once a week we have a client trying to find homes for unwanted kittens). The kitten only weighs 1.4 pounds but her eyes are totally yellow. One of my adult cats (Sabrina) is also all black with yellow eyes. When we got her from the shelter (at 6 weeks old) she had bright blue eyes. I don't think her eyes changed to yellow until she was 8 or 9 weeks old. The vet estimated the kitten's age at around 6 weeks based on her weight, but I think she's older because her eyes aren't blue at all. Also, she has a huge belly, yet you can feel every one of her ribs. She kind of reminds me of the sad pictures you see of third world children (very skinny with huge swollen bellies). I'm thinking she's probably so small because she was malnourished. Another thing that makes me think she's older is she can eat my adult cat's dry food with no trouble at all. Of course I'm trying to feed her dry kitten food, but she only wants my adult cat's food. When I adopted Sabrina (at 6 weeks old) she could only eat canned food for the first two weeks we had her. She showed no interest in the dry food until she was about 9 or 10 weeks old. Does anyone know when kittens eyes normally turn to their adult color? I've been putting off naming her, because I know if I do that means she's staying. I'm leaning towards the name "Allie" as in alley cat or "Annie" as in little orphan Annie.
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She sounds adorable! I'd be as bad as you, if I found a kitten there's no way I could pass it onto a shelter. Surely hubbie will get over it, there can't be that much difference between 4 cats and 5?
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Here's some info about eye color; the article says somewhere between 3 and 12 weeks.
Bless you for helping this kitten. Don't you think she'll be able to worm her way into your husband's heart?
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Some things are meant to be and it looks like she found you! It could be her belly is big because of a bad case of worms, but you will soon sort that out. She sounds lovely - if you take pix that means you will keep her!
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She sounds adorable. Thanks for taking this sweet baby in.
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Aww, thanks for taking this little one..
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This reminds me of how we came to be acquired by our fourth cat. Tiger was likely someone's discard, a friendly but frightened cat of about 6-7 months old. MommyCat found her hiding underneath parked cars to keep out of the freezing rain and wind we had last Thanksgiving weekend. It took us three days to catch her but we finally did. We were going to stop at three cats but we fell in love with her.
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I've finally made up my mind. She's staying wether my husband likes it or not! I told him that I think everything happens for a reason. I was meant to be the one to find her. I was being lazy that day and didn't really feel like walking my dogs. They "forced" me to take them for their walk that day. If I had stayed home that day (like I wanted to) I would have never found her. There was just no way I could leave her that day to either starve to death or be hit by a car. I also couldn't bring myself to take her to the shelter. Our local shelter operates on a shoestring budget. They once told me that if a kitten or cat gets sick while in their care they usually have to end up euthanizing it because they can't afford vet care. Anyways, when you have more than two cats one more really doesn't make that much more work! I told my husband that it's not like if you had 5 big dogs that each ate 4 cups of food a day. To the poster that said if I took pictures of her that would mean I was keeping her--I have to confess I took pictures of her the day I brought her home. She was so tiny that I wanted to take pictures so I could remember just how small she was when I found her. They grow up way to fast!
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aww i know exactly how you feel, i found a tiny kitten on monday night dumped in my alley way, he is here now and is staying, its so terrible to see them like that isint it?!
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arent you just wonderful - and yes your right - whats one more (I might try that line on my husband )

how wonderful that you took her in and are going to keep her - you said you took photos - can we see? awwwwww a new little TCS kitten
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I seriously wish I could own a house, because then if I came across a kitten like that I'd be able to keep her! We have a two cat or two dog limit at my apartment complex. Bless you for taking care of her. I'm sure she will be a wonderful addition to your family! My fiance was so angry with me for adopting my rabbit, but after a few weeks he got over it. Your husband may just need a little more time.
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oh my goodness, you are such an angel! a pure angel!
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Originally Posted by luvmy4cats
I told my husband that it's not like if you had 5 big dogs that each ate 4 cups of food a day.
When I read your first post, I remembered finding little Boris in a ditch by our house many years ago. He was a tiny black male kitten that became our fifth at the time. My husband just said "what's one more?".

I started rolling on the floor laughing when I read this. At the time we found Boris, we had 5 large dogs also and they ate a LOT more than 4 cups of food a day. We were going thru over 40 pounds a week back then.

Congratulations on your latest baby. Sometimes those little dumpster kitties are the best. We'd love to see pictures soon!

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I knew you would if you took pix! IMO it means you subconsciously want a record and what is the point if you do not keep her. I did the same the night I got Persil and we took pix of her being washed of all the oil on her. And I kept telling myself I was not going to keep her. But please let us see the pix.
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