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Climbing abilities!!

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Sunshine trying to climb the screen! She's lucky it didn't fall in on top of her!! She was determined to try to get outside at that squirrel!!

And this is Simon, my poor little guy, just a few days before the "accident" trying to imitate his mommy!
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I'm only seeing red X's. Is anyone else seeing them?
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Nope. Red x's here, too. I figured it was just me...

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All I see are red X's and I thought it was just me too.
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Nope, I'm seeing pink elephants (just kidding).
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Started New Year's Eve a little early, didja Donna?!

Let us know what you're seeing later, will ya?

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I only see x's
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hahaha - elephants!
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Another vote for red x's.

Just a word of advice. Squirt used to be a major screen climber. He singlehandedly destroyed the screen on my sliding glass door 2 apartments ago. I'd discourage that sort of thing right now before it becomes costly.
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NO idea why its just X's........can anyone tell me why its coming up like this???????????

Deb, its not a habit.....normally she can't get to the door ( I have a mudroom which the cats don't use ) was just a priceless moment I caught on camera that I thought I'd share.
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They are determined squirrel chasers!
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Hissy, you can see them????????????? How come you re the only one??????????????????????

Oh gosh, how confusing. I can see them too, but nobody else can. ARRRGGHHHHH I am frustrated!!

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Now I can see them

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I can see them too now!
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Really?? You can all see them now???

Wow, that was weird!! I'll have to test it out later and see if it happens again. My computer is cursed perhaps???
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I can only see red x's! I hit refresh, thinking maybe that would change, but the x's are still there.

Is there a setting on my computer that isn't correct? Any suggestions greatly appreciated!

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Hi Sue, I guess everyone sees something different! SOme people could see my photos, others couldn't. I reposted the link in another thread called, Pics ( lets try again ). You can peek at them there!!!
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I looked at the pictures from the link in the other posting and when I checked back on the site, the red x's were gone and the cats were there!

I promise I haven't been smoking anything.....

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Ah, yes. There are quite a few things about computer systems and the inter-net which leave much to be desired.

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Hey Joe - you KNOW that I sat here with my head going forwards and backwrds!
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