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Need some advice

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I am currently fostering two kittens and am seriously considering adopting one of them. Can you please tell me some of the negatives of cat ownership? I am really trying to make an informed decision and I know the positives (the love, the purring, the kisses, etc.) but I don't want to be rash. I already have two rabbits and am concerned that adopting Cookie will take away from their getting enough attention. Plus, I have to consider the additional cost and what to do if I go out of town. It is easy to look after rabbits because they don't require as much attention and I don't want to do a disservice by this beautiful and loving girl. Please give me any advice you have. Thanks.

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I would like to post a picture of Cookie to show you what I am up against.

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First I will start off by saying what a wonderful person you are because you are putting so much thought into this.

I personally think that cats are much happier when there is another cat around.
Cats are born (most of the time) in multiples. The first couple of months are spent cuddling and playing with atleast one other cat.
I had a cat named Charlie that we found in a parking lot and it was freezing outside. He couldnt have been more than 8 weeks old. We loved him so much. But we couldnt figure out why he was always so sad. Well he is no longer with us but when I decided to adopt another kitty... thats all that I wanted was one. I thought having 2 would just be too much work. Well when I went to adopt (who I have now..... LILO) the lady told me .... you really should consider 2. I said "yea right". She then told me that cats are so much happier when they have another cat to "be a cat with". So I decided to take 2. We then had LILO & STITCH. They were so happy all the time. Ran and played together. Slept together in the cutest positions. And it isnt really more work at all. Just more love and purring and cuddling. More of those cute moments where you can just sit back and watch them chase each other. It is so much fun.
Another thing you mentioned was that when you go out of town. Do you go often? When you go how long are you gone for?
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I agree you should consider keeping them both, two is actually easier than one when they are young.

It's good to think about this: Anything in life is a risk. And some of it isn't so easy.

As far as going away, if it's a couple of days you can leave them with a ton of food etc. Cats are pretty independent. I do have my neighbor check on mine if I am gone more than two days.

Pluses are, very entertaining, clean, joyful. I can't imagine being without my little lovebug. He brightens my day.

But remember cats do have unique personalities, and sometimes the way they are in kittenhood will change, a very outgoing kitten can turn shy. So if you are choosing one of the two for it's personality it can change.
So you can be disappointed, if you wanted a lap cat you may not end up with one. But like people you can enjoy them for their individuality. Like my Sammy is a funny guy, very loving but at his choosing. But I like that, he has his own mind! He has me wrapped that is for sure.

Also the litter box has to be cleaned, scooped every day and cleaned out about once a week. It's not pleasant.

Food varies in price, I get a 5 pound dry that lasts about a month. And I give him canned everday too.

He gets frontline every 6 weeks, so that is about $10 a month. Plus you do have to figure they might need vet visits, and that can add up.

Cat hair is pretty much everywhere! I giggle when I am all dressed up and see cat hair all over my nice sweater or something!

Anyways, I would sit and think about it. It's definitely worth it if you are
leaning towards it!
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This thread has instructions for remote linking pictures: http://www.thecatsite.com/forums/showthread.php?t=14474

As far as negatives...Are there any?? OK, I guess the negative as compared with fostering would be that you are responsible for all of her needs - food, litter, toys, vet, etc. Caring for any pet isn't a cheap prospect. Other than that, I seriously can't think of any negatives...

I'll move this to Care & Grooming.
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This is the link to see Cookie:


This is the link to see Bugsy

While I am a firm supporter of having two of any pet, I am really concerned about having four pets. It just seems too much and possibly expensive.

I am sure I will get a sign which will tell me what I should do. I really want to do what is best for them, even if it means letting someone else adopt them.

Thanks for letting me share.
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Aw! They are so sweet!

I think if you could find someone who wants both that would be the best possible solution - but its not usually that easy.

Good luck deciding!
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Hmmm, negatives. Well, I have four cats, and personally I don't think there *are* many negatives. The only two I can really think of offhand: expense -the cost of food, litter and routine vet care is pretty manageable for most people, I think, but emergency vet care if the cat gets sick can be extremely expensive - and time spent cleaning - I spend a LOT more time cleaning now, for example, vacuuming, than I did when I was living in residence with no cats, and cleaning litterboxes isn't exactly fun - cats shed, they throw up, in some cases they have accidents (though certainly not in all cases, mine always use the litterboxes and have never had an accident). Other than those things, though, there's not much negative that I can think of (and if you are okay with those negatives, I think the positives far outweigh them). I do agree with the others that having only one kitten is not a great idea unless you work from home or do not work, or for some other reason are able to stay home with the cat all the time, since a lone kitten will likely get very lonely. Good luck with whatever you decide, those kittens are just adorable!
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Gorgeous photos!

Ok, I've only had my monsters for a week and I can definately say I'm glad I have two of them and not just one. They bounce off each other, they chase each other, and they tire each other out when I have something more important to do than play with them! I actually think that only having one kitten will take time away from your other pets more than having two kittens, as the kittens will have no one else to play with but you. Mine have been playing together happily for about an hour with very little interaction from me.

Downsides? A fair few scratches on my hands, a bit of kitten fur on the sofa, the litter tray. Frankly, any downsides are completely outweighed by waking up and finding two kittens asleep next to you, or walking in the front door to two purring furballs who have genuinely missed you more than anything else in the world, ever.
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Negatives - the cost - you need to budget in advance. So many people on
this site have problems paying for vet care.
- The extra work - vacuuming extra hairs, cleaning up vomit,
extra vet visits
- the damage - every cat adds to the damage that WILL occur
to your furniture, rugs etc, no matter what you do.
- The risks - you may get a cat you can't bond with immediately
as all are different
- the worry - one more to feed, look after, be responsible for
- the inability to totally relax on holiday as you worry about
whatever arrangements you have made for your cats
- the problems making those arrangements in the first place
- Even more loss of privacy as yet another creature insists on
watching you in your most intimate moments
- loss of bed space, as yet another animal tries to lie on you,
beside you and prevents you turning over.

There are others I am sure, but like all cat owners I have no problem in dealing with these negatives in return for all the positives. But I think it is very important to know when you have reached your limit - we hear all too often what happens when people overstep and can't cope, either financially, emotionally or through lack of sufficinet space and resources. Good luck with your decision.
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They are both cute. I can't add to the negatives cept to say it's wise of you to think it through. I only adopted my Siamese after my geriatric bunny (He was 13) died and I mourned him for a yr. My kitty is not a replacement, I really wanted a Siamese kitten/cat.

I suppose you do need to ask yourself if you are prepared for a cat? Do you have the space? The time? The financial and other resources? Someone to catsit when you are away. It is much easier to leave a bunny with friends than to leave a new kitten tho once a cat is older, she can stay alone for a few hrs. Does everyone in youe household agree to a new pet? (I guess if you are fostering they must be used to it now, lol). Fostering certainly lets you know what you are getting into, lol

Good luck in your deliberations. I do think you should consider adopting both - they almost look like twins and think how they will miss each other. (Not trying to lay a guilt trip or anything, lol). Seriously, that's up to you. Whether you feel ready for two tho it does not cost much more for two - just the vet costs tho some vets will give you a family deal, espeially when you take the bunnies in as well.
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I applaud you for thinking it through before bringing any more animals into your home. I personally have always made it a rule to keep my furbaby limit to three cats because of the lack of space, the lack of finances and the lack of my patience!

As others have said, the most important thing is to make sure you can afford to care for one kitten (my name is Cookie as well..lol). Ideally it would be good to keep the two kittens together but if you can only take on one kitten and the other finds a great home then of course go for it.

Good luck in whatever decision you make. Cats are awesome companions and bring so much more than just entertainment into our lives.
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This may sound crazy but I asked for a sign to help me decide what I am meant to do with these kittens. I absolutely agree that I should adopt both or neither for the very reasons stated. I got my sign and I am not meant to adopt these kittens no matter how much I have grown to love them. It would not be fair to my rabbits and I would no longer be able to foster kittens who need a good foundation so they can go on to loving homes. However, I am going to speak to the vet about insisting these two stay together. I know my local humane society has the policy for adults that those who arrive together stay together but I don't think that policy extends to kittens. I think the male, Bugsy needs his sister to help him learn to socialize with people better. He is still making progress but I think that is because he sees her giving me kisses so he is starting to realize I am not such a threat after all. It has been a really hard decision for me but I really appreciate all of your suggestions and advice.

Take care,
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