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Odd illness

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Mistoflees is 13 years old. Yesterday morning he was fine. He came upstairs demanding food, ate and was fine. I looked on him later, and I found him curled up in a ball. He'd had some diarreah, and had also thrown up most of his food he'd eaten (no hairballs in it). The rest of the day he spent curled up in a ball. He ate nothing, and I couldn't tell if he felt warm or not.

Well this morning I found he'd moved from the spot he was at last night. He was curled up on the bed. He purred when I petted him, but still ate nothing. A little later he came down and asked for food, so I gave him just a tiny bit. He ate it, then went back to the bed for a nap. He came back down again, finished what I gave him in the morning, then asked for some more. I've seen no more runny stools, and he seems to be keeping everything he's eaten down. He's acting more like himself today.

So, any ideas as to what this might have been? Could he have eaten something that didn't agree with him? Dh did put some spray on the trees to kill the Japanese Beetles that were eating the trees, could he have somehow ate something and had a reaction to it? Could he have gotten a virus? I was going to take him to the vets today, but he's acting fine now. I am going to mention it to them when he goes for his yearly checkup next month, since he is getting on in years, and it could be a sign that there's something else going on.

Thanks in advance!
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I think it's temporary stomach upset.
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