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Over night vet stay necessary?

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Hi everyone! Happy New Years!

I was wondering if an over-night stay at the vet is necessary when having your kitten spayed? I'm reluctant to this because our Twinkles is so nervous when going to the vet for regular visits/shots. She trembles and cries. We adopted her from this vet but she still gets nervous. I want to minimize her stress as much as possible. I'm really concerned about this. Any experience/advice with this situation?
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I have done both. Some vets want to keep females over night to make sure everything went well, as it is major surgery. They like to watch them come out of anestesia fully and check for any complications as well as make sure they stay hydrated. I have left mine overnight with no problems. They seem to be very happy to come home the next day.
When they come home the same day, they are very groggy and you have to watch them to make sure they are drinking. You also have to keep them in a quiet room. I prefer to leave them so that I know they are in good hands if something goes wrong. All cats react different to anestesia and some take longer to wake up all the way.
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I've never had to leave a kitty overnight at the Vet for a spay/neuter surgery. I took Loco in at 9 am and picked him up at 2 pm. Maybe some vets prefer to keep them for observation.
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It would stress your kitty out more to be seperated from you overnight and stay in a cage in a strange place. Usually you drop the kitty off in the morning and pick her up the same day late afternoon. Keep her quiet and secluded and inside for a few days afterward and watch that she doesn't tear her stitches out.
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Sunshine was spayed just a few weeks ago, and she spent the night there. They said they always keep females but males go home at 5pm normally. She did fine there, and I felt better knowing she had 24 hour care for that first night.
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I called two different vets before I took Allie in for her spaying. One said they wanted to keep her overnight, they needed to make sure she had no ill effects from the anethesia, no bleeding and there was always a very slight chance she could develop a blood clot. When I asked if someone stayed at the clinic all night, they told me, 'no'.

So, I asked them what if one of those things did happen, who would be there to know?

I decided Allie would be better off at home with me. If she did have problems (which she didn't) I could call the vet and they could meet me there.

Allie was very sore, tired and cranky that evening. I made sure she had plenty of food and water, watched her closely to see that she was using the bathroom and she slept in the bed with me. She was doing much better the next morning. She would have been fine spending the night at the vets office, but I wanted her home with me.

You just do what is right for you and your baby. After it's over, you'll be glad you did it. Allie is much more personable now then she was before she had her surgery.

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Unless I have to, I never allow my kids to stay at the vet overnight. Generally vets have dogs that stay overnight too. I found that my Marshall was extremely stressed after spending the night at the vet. The dogs were barking something awful and he was so thirsty and hungry. I'd bring my baby home if at all possible. Best wishes!
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