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Re-introductions after surgery

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I think this is the place to post this...

I am taking my kitten in to be neutered next week and this will be the first time he is separated from Lucky for any length of time. Lucky gets upset if I even try and close Rambo in a separate room and she starts desparately trying to get under the door. She also won't come and eat if he's closed away either (not even for wet food!). I guess I'm worried about how she will react when he's gone for a few days. And also...will there be problems when he comes back? Will she recognize him (especially if he smells like vet?)? And they recommended separating them when he first comes back (if he's not feeling well)...but this could be a problem for lucky as well.

Has anyone had this situation? How did you handle it?

thanks everyone...i think i maybe being a little bit overprotective/overanxious meowmy....i won't even go into the separation anxiety i am feeling!
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Your kitten will definitely smell different when it returns to your home after spending time at the vet's (i.e. other animals, anything that was used during surgery, etc.). After I had Izzie spayed and brought her home (only at the vets for about 8 hours), Charlotte hissed at her for the next 24 hours. Since you said your kitten will be neutered, I assume you mean he is male. I only have female cats, but I think neutering isn't nearly as traumatic or involved as a spaying. Other members should be able to answer that better than me.
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I've got a couple of suggestions...

The main thing here is the way your kitten will smell. Cats don't rely on their good looks to differentate between each other...

You could take your other cat to the vet when you go to pick him up in a separate carrier so that he sort of smells like the vet too...

you could also dab a drop of vanilla essence under the chins of both cats and at the base of their tails on the days leading up to the surgery and on the day that the other cat returns. you could just do it on the day the cat comes back itself but i think it will work better if you do it before hand as well as on the day itself.

The reason the vanilla essence works is that it gives them a common scent that they will immeadiately recognise and this should alleviate any potential hissing.

N.B. Only use a essence that is meant for cooking like vanilla or rose or something like that. Perfume and essential oils are not good for your cats and can cause irritation.
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Usually a day of hissing and spatting is pretty normal. After that their normal scent is re-established and they should resume their usual relationship.
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