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What a scare

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I got up this morning to get ready for work, I was in a rush cause I woke up late. I happened to notice a spot in the floor it looked like spit. No color really just clear with a bit a foam. I cleaned it up when about my business then I heard a gagging sound. I ran to find where it was coming from and my baby Jeanie was gagging on something. She would move a bit and gag again, move a bit gag again and only little bits of salva and belly stuff would come up, like I said it was clear and a bit foamy.

I called my work in a frantic, told them I would be late - asked for my husband because this is his baby girl. He was worried sick. I walked with her where ever she went. She wasn't choking she just couldn't get out what she wanted to get out. OMG I was so scard for her but still tried to be as calm as I could not to frighten her.

I still don't know what it was but she finally stopped the gagging and seems to be fine now, but I noticed when I went back to the kitchen she walked over to the potatoe bag and started chewing on it. I noticed lots of little teeth marks and some peaces ripped off. I moved the bag right away so she couldn't get at it. I spoke when my hubby when I got to work he said he noticed her playing with the bag before. GRRRRRRRRRRRRR , he should have moved it when he seen that, Max her brother does the same thing anything plastic we have to make sure we hide it or he will chew it.

So thank god she seems to be doing ok now. My hubby is home with her now so he will keep a watch out for her. Send vibes please everyone to make sure she is ok
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I know, their like having children aren't they because they don't know any different?!

Hopefully it was the potatoe bag that was causing it, and i hope she doesn't cough up anymore.

(((((healthy vibes))))) for Jeanie
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