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O_O This is driving me crazy!!!!!

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Argh!!!! A couple of weeks ago I went to Mexico through my school ok...

well we stopped in Merida on the Yucatan for two days and we went to the Centennario Zoo there. There was this animal that I had never seen before. Well I have the pictures now and I dont know what it is called in spanish or english!!!! I dont have a scanner so I cant put th epictures up....

THe creatures look like hyena cats. I think they are either marsupials or mongooses. They have brownish-gold faces that look like a hyena's face, except it is smooth. THe ears are close to the head, but they arent small. THe brown extends down to the bottom of the neck, and the whole rest of the body is black. They are about three feet long in the body, and have probably a three or more foot long tail. THey are big. They can stand on their hind feet too. TO me they are like if you cross a bear and a hyena and a mountain lion. They have big sharpish claws for climbing/digging.

If you have any Idea what this animal might be then tell me!(I think it is native to central america/south america, so any of you people who live down there... come here! Heh) Its body looks kind of like a Fossa, which is in the mongoose family. But the head is like a very ugly mutt dog or a hyena.

I think its name in spanish starts with a Q.

This is kind of a strange post I suppose O_O BUT TIS DRIVING ME CRAZY

Is it a mongoose? Is it a marsupial? Is it a cat? is it a dog? Is it like a bear? I DONT KNOW O_O I dont think there are long skiny bears with three foot long tails though.
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I think Rigel should be able to help you out on this one!
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try going to your photo developing place and ask for it to put this picture on disk, i hear that it doesnt cost much over there do to that?
then i want to see what this lovely creature looks like
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You were in Merida and didn't say hello to Rigel/CoolCat?!?!?!?!?!?!

Okay, you were with a group. I understand.

Why don't you PM Rigel and ask to see if he knows? At least tell him about this thread.
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Is it perhaps the coatimundi?
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Actually I was thinking of making a CD of some of my favorite pictures anyways but the $$$ as usual has been a bit tight. I'll see if I can trade my soul to my mother for a couple of bucks and make one And no, its not the coatamundi. I checked :P Its nothing I have ever seen before, and I have seen a coatamundi, one lives in a zoo about 20 miles away.

Rigel lives in Merida??? I didnt know that. Or if I did, I forgot I wouldnt have been able to meet anyone even if I had known... we are kept to strict shedules and were only off the bus when we were in a tour group or at the hotel (We stayed at the Hotel Los Aluxes if I remember (I have a bad memory)) It had a pool *sighs with happiness*

Yeah, I will send him a message. :O If he lives in merida then he has been to that zoo! EEE!!! Happy. Once I find the name I'll go on google and post a pic
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OOoh it really does look close to a wolverine in the head anyways, but the ears on the wolverine stick out, and the fur is different. The animal I have pictures of has shorter hair. I think it might be native to central/south america but I dont know.

Its too fat to be the animal though, and the tail is like five times too short. But maybe its a different type of wolverine??? What family group are wolverines in? The wolverine group? I really dont know.
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Animals that belong to the family Mustelidae are called mustelids. Native to all continents but Australia and Antarctica, mustelids are the largest family of carnivores with about sixty-five species, including weasels, martens, otters, and badgers (and, until recently, skunks).
This is fun ! Like 20 questions

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Originally Posted by gemlady
You were in Merida and didn't say hello to Rigel/CoolCat?!?!?!?!?!?!
... .. .... ... ( just kidding!...

Originally Posted by gemlady
Okay, you were with a group. I understand.
...No problem!

Hummmmmmmmm...........great quetion, "bigorangemenace",...Can you remember in wich area is the animal? I mean marsupials, or mammo....?
If you could to put a pic this should be great...
But I figured this a "african" creature...

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IT was right next to the Coatamundi cage, and was in a grouping with the little skunk amongst other creatures. Right accross from these animals are the flamingoes if that helps any! Each animal has a living space that is carved out of rock and there are plastic borders to keep people out and to keed the animals in. If I remember there were racooons in a nearby exhibit too (all the exhibits connect )

Maybe that helps? MY mom is getting my other two things of film today so I will have the rest of my zoo pictures, maybe I have another pic of it or some more picks of animals by it.
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Ok Cassy,... Exactly right now ...I can´t Remember..... interesant creature i think so..
But I´ll try to reach this weekend the Zoo and Check it up!
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Oooh it sounds pretty!
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AHAH! I know this thread was like from fifty bazillion years ago... but I FINALLY figured out what the animal is :K

The Tayra, Eira barbara, ranges from Mexico south to Bolivia and northern Argentina and also on the island of Trinidad.

This member of the weasel family is about the size of a medium sized dog or fisher (martes pennanti). It has a long, bushy tail and long neck with a broad head. The ears are short and rounded. The body is usually dark brown to black color with a slightly paler head. The Tayra usually possesses a white or yellow, diamond shaped patch on its throat. They also have long claws. The Tayra is omnivorous; it will eat whatever is available. Mammals are the most abundant part of the tayra's diet but it also eats invertebrates, and reptiles. Fruit is very important to the diet of the tayra.

Primarily diurnal (active at day) the Tayra travels alone, in pairs, and sometimes, they are seen in small groups. The tayra seems to be more tolerant of other members of their species than the marten. Movement on the ground usually involves the "typical" weasel traits of erratic, leaping motions with the back arched and the tail along the ground. But the Tayra is also extremely at home in the trees and will use them when necessary. Up in the trees this mammal is more graceful. The movements from limb to limb is fluid and the tail is used like a balancing rod. When frightened or alarmed, the Tayra gives a short barking call and heads for the nearest tree.

It looked more like a Hyena to me, but it makes sence it is in the weasel family, since the Hyena is not a dog, it is in the cat faimly, and weasels are related to cats.

It looks more like this first picture here:

here you can see its face and a color variation a bit more:

It likes trees:

so there you have it.. the Tayra. :O I accidentally found it when I was looking up the Greater Grison. :Lol3: Days of searching and I find it by accident. D'oh!
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When you get your pictures processed see if they can be loaded onto a CD or a 3.5 disk. That way you can have pictures to share.
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Originally Posted by BigOrangeMenace
I accidentally found it when I was looking up the Greater Grison. Days of searching and I find it by accident. D'oh!
That's when I believe that your subconscious or sixth sense is leading you.
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Cassy.....In spanish the name is "Tejon"and is some violent if you bother him! and his behavior is more less like the Racoons! eat, everything!!! even trash!!!! ....
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