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I am fairly new to cats. Learning as I go along. I am thinking about getting a fleece blanket or something to cover our furniture (specifically sofa). When machine washing fleece or other blanket will hair come out? I use sticky roller but some still stays on. Thanks
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Hi! Welcome to TCS.

I'm no expert on how to remove cat hair from blankets, etc. but in my experience washing them helps. But throwing them in the dryer is probably what gets out most of the cat hair (after washing, as my lint trap is always loaded with cat hair every time I wash my blankets). Good luck and hope you find a lot of answers to any questions you might have here at this site.
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HI! . I have had cats for many years and my experience is you will always have some hair around with cats. Some cats shed more than others, and they do have a breed of cat that is hairless. Brushing your cat often helps alot, but the only thing I can say is hair and cats go to gether.
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I haven't been able to get the hair out of my blankets, there is always some hair that is there even after I wash. I was a real neat freak before I got my cat, and had to give up on that very quickly as removing cat hair was an all day task...so I just quit and made peace with hair

Although what seemed to work better instead of that sticky roller, is duct tape....had to edit because I double checked, it's not duct tape but something similar we got from home depot. It's sticky as hell, way stickier than the roller.
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I must say that my cat loves to lay on a fleece anything. It would be worthwhile to get your cat something fleece that can be all his/her own, so you don't have to worry about wearing a jacket covered in cat hair to work. Besides, if you don't, your kitty will find the one item in the house guarenteed to hold the most hair possible. Somehow, they always know which one it is.
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I have fleece blankets laying across both my couch and loveseat. I dont have a problem with cat hair on either of them and Sara's favorite spot to lay is where the two cushions meet on the loveseat.
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I found this sponge called The Gonzo Pet Hair Lifter at a surplus store when I visiting in OK. I figured it wouldn't hurt to try it. I find it works wonders! It's great at lifting cat hair. It even picks up the hair you can't see. My cats like to lay on our bedspread or even our clean clothes if I don't hurry and hang them up right away. So I keep it close by. I'm thinking of ording a couple more to have around the house. Here's the site if you'd like to check it out.

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