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Petowner Therapy

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I have had numerous pets so far in my life. A cockerspaniel for 15 years, a german shepard/chow chow mix from the humane society. He had to be returned because he didn't care to be indoors and our yard is too small. Two lovebirds which we gave away to a bird breeder because we were expecting a baby and they were far too loud! Salt water fish which became too expensive and heartbreaking when losing a fish, a rabbit which died after 3 years and a hamster which died of old age. We now have a cockatiel who we adore and soon to be a third cat. I do feel rather guilty! I love animals. I don't know why I waited so long to get a cat. They have everything I ever wanted in a pet. Independant yet extremely loving. Am I alone in this or should I feel guilty. I love all of Gods creatures, yet I was clearly longing for something. I believe I have found that in our cats. They are a challenge but fun to groom and take care of. Christian
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No of course you shouldn't feel guilty. I love cats and they are my absolute favourite.
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As you put it, I love all of God's creatures as well But I have a soft spot for cats. I am more easily attached to them, I have not yet met one I didn't love (even the scary kits ) and I know I could never live without one (or 2 or 3 or 10).

People love different animals for different reasons and that is nothing to be ashamed of! As long as they don't intentionally hurt different species.

You have found your love in cats. It is as simple as that! You have not a thing to feel guilty about, just be proud that you are now one of the many who are slaves to their cats! I haven't had the chance yet, but Welcome to TCS Christian!
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