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i have an Odd question

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do(es) your cat(s) sit/lay outside the bathroom door when you or someone else closes the door behind them??? seems to be a past-time for Able.
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pandy and bonnie both wait outside the bathroom and toilet and even come in ( i leave the door open) and just sit around until i get out, they follow me a lot through the house, i don't know why they do it though

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MissKitty does this too. She'll even squeeze her paws under the door and leave them there.
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My kitties always join me when I walk toward the bathroom. We have a parade.
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Nope mine don't.
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Mine also protest at being locked out, so I let them follow me in, and if needed, I tell them "Privacy!!" and they leave without too much fuss. Their big thing is the entertainment of watching a toilet flush!
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Limerick will jump at the bath room door if I close it
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lol yes my cats does the same thing one even jumps on my lap lol
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baby does, then meows increadibly loudly when they know your getting out. Its usually just for my dad though
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Oh yes. It's a daily parade of two cats and a dog who follow me from room to room - including the bathroom. If the door closes the paws go underneath and we have a puppet show. Too funny.
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Dori will not allow us to close doors in our house
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Yeap.... my little stinkers are also guilty, guilty, guilty!!!!
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yes..and dutchy can open the door no matter what i do so there is no sense in closeing it.
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Oh, yes! My 15lb Hobbes can be felt & heard bounding from across the apartment when he hears that bathroom door open, and proceeds to then lay down in the doorway, as if to say, "Ha! Now you can't ever CLOSE it again!!" goofballs! I think they view my being there as if they've got me stuck there, and I have no choice but to pet them.
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Both of my boys come running when I go in the bathroom. Since I live alone, I don't bother closing the door anymore. Frantic jumps up on the sink and gives me headbutts. Pipsqueek is what I call a social pee-er. If I'm peeing, he has to pee. So he hops in the litter box whenever I'm in the bathroom.
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I hear loud and highly indignant Siamese squawking if I am so bold as to shut the door with my kitty not inside with me. It is a major social faux paux or is that paw?
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Yep, my cat does it, first one I've had who does it.

She be napping, or so I think, but when I come out of the restroom there she is!
I think of it as "standing guard".

I dont let her in the b.r., I dont consider it a safe room (with misc things dropped on the floor and in the trashcan) so I thought it was perhaps because she is denied access.
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If they are awake they keep us company in the bathroom. Should we dare close the door completly they would scratch it untill it opens. But since they have their waterbowl there I guess it's only natural that they want to be there
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i dunno why they do this... they just do
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