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Help with feral cat

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About 6 months ago, a feral cat had 3 kittens under my deck. I kept one of the kittens and gave the 2 kitties and mom away. (The vet told me they were feral)

It took 3 months for Jack (the new kitty) to allow us to hold him and pet him.

We have a 14 year old kitty, Prissy, who never goes outside.

Jack has warmed to both of us (no children). He even comes when we call him. He stays outside during the day, and inside all night.

He seems to respect Prissy's age and size.

He is loving and likes to cuddle. The vet said, although not full blooded, he looks Russian Blue.

Prissy has always been a docile, quiet "lady". Jack is quite different. (that's not bad!)

Here are my questions:

1. Altho he is neutered, and is loving, he is very aggressive to me during the night. He tries to wrap his body around my head and neck and he licks my nose and ear Sometimes he drools on my face. He puts his paws on my face and neck. He is very aggressive when I try to discourage him. This behavior starts at about 3 am.

2. His teeth seem really big in comparison to Prissy's. This may sound silly, but they seem longer than her teeth ever were. Do feral cats have bigger teeth?

He trained easily for litter box and responds to "no" when he is getting into something he shouldn't. But he does not respond to my voice during the night when he is trying to wrap around my head and neck and continually licks my face and ears.

I love him very much but I am sleep deprived!


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It sounds like he goes into "play" mode at 3 am. One thing you can try is getting a really good play session in before you get into bed. Make sure and get him going with his toys and get it out of his system. Sometimes this will make them tired enough and he will get into your routine.
All cats are different like people. The fact that he was feral really doesn't have much to do with his teeth. It is more genetic than anything. I have one cat who was taken from a home and his teeth actually stick out past his gums (yikes).
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My almost-5-year-old cat, Boo, also likes to "get ear," and, like your Jack, is quite messy about it! However, if it's any comfort, he has gotten significantly less agressive about this behavior as he's aged. Although he hasn't outgrown it entirely, he now knows how to take "no" for an answer!! Hopefully, your Jack will display the same pattern.
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Justsusan - sound like you have a great little guy there! Thank you for giving him a home! Please come to the New Cats forum and introduce yourself and your fur family!?!
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Thanks for the replies. Its good to know others have kitties who like to give kisses. He is a sweetie and we are glad we kept him. Just wish he would wait till later in the morning to play!
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Night time playing has been a real problem around th catsite lately. Some have suggested a real kitty workout before bedtime. Maybe this would help?
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