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kitty litter

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We've used many kitty litters and none of them seem to do the job of controlling the odor! What do you use that works?
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I use Tidy cats... And it helps
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I use Vitapet.
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Excessively smelly waste is often due to diet (when there's no other health issue).
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I think I've tried them all and hated them all. Currently I least hate ScoopAway Fresh Scent.
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We use Yesterdays news
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I just heard about alfalfa being used to cut smell in the box the kind for rabbit s in a pellet form ... intresting since my kitties food has alfalfa meal in it
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We've been using the Tidy Cat with Crystals but just tried a bag of Nature's Miracle and are pretty happy with it.
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i use the tidy cats w/ crystals too and i add the arm&hammer baking soda stuff to it... as long as i keep them cleaned out, there is no odor!
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I've recently switched to the Arm & Hammer Flushable litter. Since I keep one of the boxes in the bathroom, it's really rather convenient. The best way to reduce odor is to scoop the box frequently, and since I see it more and don't have to take out the trash every time, this helps me.
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I use Maxx Scoop clumping litter and works well for me. I clean it morning and evening.
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I use Fresh Step and clean it every morning before i leave for work and when i come home if needed....after i scoop i use Tidy Cats deodorizer across the litter....and i put fresh litter in once a week. I also change out the filter in the litter box every 2 weeks or so. I live in a small one bedroom apartment and the only time i notice smells is when i'm gone for a day or two but that is to be expected. (and after she drops a hot one!) whew!
P.S. I believe my mom used Tidy Cats for muliple cats....she has 4 cats.
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