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Chemical accident

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Was fly spraying my horses earlier and I have an industrial type sprayer that I use. Suddenly the sprayer slipped out of hands, crashed on the floor and the hose came off. I got it full in the face- a big spray of Pemectrin II. Now my face feels like someone put ice on it and then heat. I see no redness, no chemical burns to speak of. I am still on hold with the poison control center-
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OH Hissy...sending a prayer that all is well...please keep us updated.
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Oh dear GAWD!!! Hissy, get Mike to be on hold while you IMMEDIATLY put your face under the running shower spray!!! Did it get into your eyes, nose or mouth? Drench, and I do mean DRENCH yourself with clear running water right now!!!!
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Hurry and wash your face off with water. FAST!!
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My thoughts as well, MA. Please put your face under running water immediately! If it got in your eyes, flush them continuously! This is so scary! Please do keep us updated as you are able!
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My thoughts are with you.... Be safe and I hope everything works out ok!!!!!
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Ok just got out of the shower again for the third time- I immediately did go in and took a cold to hot shower and tried to scrub the taste out of my mouth, and out of my nose because that is what took the brunt of the stream. It would have gotten in my eyes except my glasses saved me there.

The Poison Center told me I was lucky, this is a mild poison for mammals, but deadly to flies. It causes skin irritation and peculiar feelings when it gets on the skin- (no guff) I feel like one moment someone has burned me, and the next I have been immersed in a giant pool of ice water. I do feel nauseated and that is because I got it in my mouth. Mike went to the store to get me Vitamin E gelcaps and I have broke open these caplets and put the oil all over my face- I look like an oompa loompa right now!

The center will call me in the morning to see how I am doing. I have heaved a few times, and feel better that way- what a klutz I am-
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you poor thing, i do hope you feel better. i send my best to you and your not a klutz!!!
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What an evening! I hope you feel better soon.
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Thank you for the update. Wishing you no more heaves, and some good sleep.
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Oh do feel better Hissy! I have been in that situation myself, it was just It sucked. I had a horse clobber it while in my hand the whole bottle exploded..all over me and my face. Bleck! FEEL BETTER!
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You're not a klutz, this could have happened to anyone! I'm just so thankful you're ok!
Please have a peaceful night's sleep, MA!
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Oh, Hissy, that is so scary. I hope you are going to be all right! It does not sound like any fun at all.
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Hissy Please keep us updated, I hope that you are still ok by the time you read this.
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Originally Posted by Gilly
Hissy Please keep us updated, I hope that you are still ok by the time you read this.
My thoughts exactly!
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That is very scary MA. I hope that you are feeling better now. Please keep us updated.
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Sending vibes your way MA.
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How are you this morning MA? I hope that you got some rest.
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I've just managed to read this now!.

You were lucky as well MA!!. How do you feel now?
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The label of the product you used should have directions on it. (by law). Do you have a MSDS on it?
I would also check the internet by that product's name and see what that says.
Being an amatuer horticulturist and a chemisty minor in college I know the best is to follow the directions on the container. Most of the time it is to use water. But in your mouth-eek!!
Hope you are feeling ok today.
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Ekk!!!!!!! i hope youre okay now!
please keep us updated!
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I hope you're okay MA *hugs* and you'e not a klutz.. it could have happened to anyone.. I'm just glad you had the presence of mind to take care of yourself.
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MA... How did everything turn out? I really hope that everything is ok, and you arent seriously hurt. Please let us know. We're all worried.
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How are you doing now M.A. ? *hugs* Hope you are doing ok.
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Has anyone heard anything?

HIssy... hope you are ok and feeling better soon.
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Oh no! Mary Anne, I'm hoping you're alright and feeling better. We're worried about you. Please update us.
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