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more pics

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here's some more pics of my kittens that i am bottle feeding. I don't know if ya'll have seen my other threads but they are almost 4 wks old!!

1-6 is random pics of them and the very last one is of my dog trying to be "Mom" she loves the kittens. Sometimes she can get a little rough but she stops when i say something to her.

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They are soooo cute!

i want the little orange one with no tail, i have a thing for orange cats, i used to have one called oscar and he was like my best friend, he always had a cough though and one day he just dissapeared, this was while i was living in the city.

i still miss him heaps

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awe they are sooooooo cute!!!!
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I'm in love with your sweet baby kittens.
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Aw sweet babes.
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Awww, they're adorable!
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